Antique English 2 ft. Carpenter’s Rule

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Antique English 2 ft. Carpenter’s Rule
02D12.17 Antique English 2 ft. Carpenter’s Rule

Available 10/31/2018


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From time-to-time we are able to acquire small quantities of antique English woodworking tools for the enthusiast – used, but in fine working condition.

This is a single-fold Rule with solid Brass fittings and hinge. It has inch graduations on both sides. The wood is probably either Maple or Boxwood. It has been used for certain – carried in the deep pocket of a pair of carpenter’s overalls.

Our photo sample is marked “Trademark Bockley Abbey”. Yours may or may not be marked similarly. The wood is probably Teak. Its age is estimated about 60-70 years. It is in excellent condition. LIMITED QUANTITY
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