Antique English Badger Plane

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Antique English Badger Plane
02D12.20 Antique English Badger Plane

Available 09/25/2020


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From time-to-time we are able to acquire small quantities of antique English woodworking tools for the enthusiast – used, but in fine working condition.

This one is a 17” long Badger Plane (a style of rabbet plane). It is fully functional with a skew mounted blade that is set at the right hand side of the plane. The wood is probably European Beech.

The age is uncertain but it is probably 100-120 years old. Our photo sample is marked “J Miller, King & Comer Hull” (England). Yours may or may not be marked similarly. It is a handsome tool in excellent condition that has seen plenty of wood surfaces. LIMITED QUANTITY.

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