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02D09.01 Antique English Molding Plane

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Ever wonder how craftsmen made all those fantastic moldings and shaped edges before the electric router became available after WWII. They used wooden molding planes. Each of these is guaranteed to be an historic English furniture making tool in good working order with the original single iron and wedge, and to have either a maker's or owner's initials or name stamped on the body.

We have shown a sample selection in the photograph but every one is different and we will not be able to pick and choose a particular size or style for you. All we can do is promise that they are the "real-thing" and expect that any woodworker getting one will be thrilled. All our stock has been hand picked for quality.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent quality planes.

    Daniel, 11/23/2018 I picked up three of these planes and each is in excellent condition. A few minutes sharpening the blades, and they were ready to use. Of course being able to chose a profile ( or even a profile subset; round, hollow, complex, excetera...) would be nice, still worth it.
  • xactly as described

    John Beacon, 6/19/2017 This functioning plan arrived exactly as described and pictured int he catalog. I plan to mount it in a shadow box for display in my work shop.
  • Excellent quality for an affordable price

    Jim, 12/30/2016 I've purchased wood molding planes in the past from eBay and was never satisfied with the condition of the plane body or blade. One or the other or both were so worn as to be essentially useless. The plane I received from Garrett Wade was clean, the profile in excellent condition and the blade, while obviously old and used needs just a bit of touching up with a stone and will be perfectly serviceable. It is nearly good enough to use as is. Kudos to Garrett for offering quality for a reasonable price. I will purchase more of these in the future. I highly recommend this.
  • Plane

    Seth Barton, 6/25/2016 This plane is a beautiful tool! Works well, and its fun to use. I can't wait to get more!
  • Great Product

    Lou, 3/8/2016 Excellent feel and construction. A nice addition to my shop. Wish there was a way to select profile. I bought 3, but if I get more don't want duplicates.
  • Plane

    Christine Stewart, 1/20/2015 I love these old molding planes. They give a beautiful edge to my music boxes. It arrived in great condition and have used it already. This is the second one I have purchased and look forward to the next one.
  • Exactly as Described

    Steve Tripp, 12/14/2013 Very nice old molding plane. Definitely in usable shape, although I haven't tuned it yet.
  • Really shifted my expectations!

    Sergey, 12/5/2013 Thank you so much for the planes! I ordered five and they are really great! Look, condition and even smell is awesome. Irons require some light sharpening but this is within normal routine sharpening limit. Just keeping the in hand is a big joy! Thanks again! I wonder how many variations you have - I would really order more if I can make sure they are not exactly same profile as I already received...
  • The Plane Truth

    Tom Morgan, 10/21/2013 Very nice plane. This is the third one I've purchased, primarily to keep old tools doing what they do best, work. Knowing I'm keeping craftsmanship alive through using these tools give me a great deal of pleasure.
  • Very Nice Tools

    Jay Henson, 9/21/2013 I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these planes, both finish and functionality. I was looking for old hand router plane to use for finishing hand carved wood panels and projects. I ordered 3 and received 1 large concave, 1 small concave and 1 small convex bladed. I am quite happy to have these tools in my woodcarving kit.
  • Molding planes

    Randall Farris, 1/11/2012 Planes were received quickly and well packaged. The plane bodies were in great condition and the irons were clean. Haven't had a chance to use them yet, but they are already worth the money.
  • An Oldie but Goodie

    Sandra L Streech, 11/27/2011 My husband is the woodworker in the family and loves old tools. I could not have been happier with the appearance of the antique wooden molding plane which I have recently purchased for a gift for him for Christmas. We'll see if he is as pleased as I am Christmas morning.
  • Better than expected

    steve, 11/29/2010 Got what I didn't expect. Ordered 2 of these hand planes and got one concave and one convex shaped planes. Both are in excellent condition. Have spent some time sharpening and both work very well for what I expected. Thinking about ordering another one or two.
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