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Sale Antique English Plough Plane
Workhorse of 19th century English furniture makers
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02D12.06 Antique English Plough Plane

Available 09/25/2020

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02D12.07 Set (8) Antique Irons

Available 09/25/2020


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Antique English Plough Plane with steel skate, brass fittings and brass-banded stems with wedges. Plough Plane comes with 1 iron (steel) and is guaranteed to be in good condition. Each plane is tagged and/or stamped with name of the maker and date, and usually the names of past users. An additional "harlequin" set of 8 irons (sizes 1-8) is available separately. (A harlequin is a complete set, but not all from the same maker). Each iron is stamped with its size and name of the maker.

Every tool in our stock is unique - shown is a typical example in beech, with very fine brass fittings and a depth gauge - and we will not be able to pick and choose a particular model. However, we promise that each plane is an authentic antique Plough Plane from England and has been hand picked for its beauty, quality and charm.

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Overall Rating
  • A bit of history and craftsmanship in my hands.

    William, 3/11/2019 Glad I took the plunge. I’m new to old tool collecting and I consider this purchase a great start. Blades sharpened up nicely; additional cleaning was necessary.I’m up and ploughing.
    Wedges won’t last much longer but they’re probably not the originals anyway
  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Carlo, 6/18/2014 This is a solidly built piece of old-time craftsmanship. It needs a couple of new wedges for the side arms, but has no serious nicks or deficiencies. With a tune up can be used.
  • Engiish Plow Plane

    Graham Roberts, 3/4/2014 I am thrilled with my new purchase of the antique plow plane. I have been crafting timber products for more than 60 years and love the feel of heritage tools. To be able to preserve the great traditions of the past and pass this on to future generations can only be a noble endeavor.
  • Fantastic Tool!!!!

    Ron Fitch, 2/25/2014 This is one beautifully built plane. I had to sharpen the blade a little but other than that it works like a dream. Garrett Wade never disappoints, this is my third order and everything has exceeded expectations. I will definitely be back.
  • Plough Plane

    Scott, 11/27/2013 Received my Antique English Plough Plane and it was just as advertised. With just a bit of tune-up I think it will be ready to go. Nice to have some woodworking history.
  • Great Plow Plane

    Ken Didsbury, 9/1/2013 I was very pleased with the quality of the plane. The brass work was polished and neat, and the wood surfaces still had the patina of heavy use. The product was as described and fully functioning. I could not have been happier.
  • Antique English Plough Plane

    Tom Sturgeon, 8/24/2013 For an antique tool is was in very good condition.
  • A Well-Loved Plane

    R.J. Rodeheffer , 2/24/2013 A beautiful working plane with wonderful patina, and soundly made. I also bought the set of blades. I plan to sharpen them and use the plane along with my contemporary tools. It feels good in the hands and makes me wonder about the craftsmen who have used it over the years.
  • Step Back in Time

    Dale C., 3/13/2012 My grandfather used a plough plane like this, according to my dad. Granddad was a professional cabinet maker in Holyrood Kansas during the first half of the 20th century, and did amazing cabinet work with hand tools. His tools were scattered amongst the relatives over the years, and I have few of his tools. When this plough plane became available last year, I ordered one and a companion set of the eight plane irons. I couldn't be happier with my order. The plane's wood is beautiful and the brass fittings add a nice visual touch as well as adjustable functionality. When I use this plough plane, I almost feel granddad's hands guiding mine as I take long sweeping cuts in my workpiece. Yes, a power router or dado blade on a table saw would perform the job faster, but sometimes, working in quiet with only the sound being made is the sharp blade cutting a curling piece of hardwood, is much more satisfying.
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