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Sale Antique Sash Fillister Plane
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Brass fittings & rich patina
02D12.15 Antique Sash Fillister Plane

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The Sash-Fillister Plane is a special purpose rebating plane with a movable fence that is used to cut the glazing rabbet on the backside of a window sash mullion. The cutter is bedded at about 50° and mounted, along with the fence, depth stop and spur, on the left side of the stock. In use, the fence registers on the near (sash mould) edge of the mutton while the rebate is cut on the far edge. It is this unique characteristic - cutting the rebate on the edge opposite the fence - which distinguishes the Sash-Fillister Plane from all others.

We have been lucky to acquire a limited quantity of extremely fine examples of this majestic tool. With brass fittings and a rich patina, the planes are “boxed” (boxwood soles) as is found on the finest quality planes. Each plane includes a main cutter and a fore-mounted nicker which allows the plane to be used across the grain without tear out. Each plane comes with a tag indicating its maker, years of production and where it was made.

Every tool in our stock is unique. Though we will not be able to pick and choose a particular model, you can be confident each plane is a fine and authentic Antique Sash Fillister Plane from the UK that has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and charm.

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Overall Rating
  • Gorgeous tool and functional work of art

    Bruce Irvine, 1/25/2019 Absolutely beautiful, but completely functional too. Just looking at it brings back memories of better times.
  • Perfect to use or display

    John Beacon, 6/19/2017 The antique sash fillister plane was exactly as pictured. While it still could function as a plane, I plan to build a shadow box, find an historic picture for a background, age the whole thing and display it in my work area.
  • Nice

    David , 6/16/2017 It is fully functional, all blades are sharp and ready, just used it in test pieces but it may be just too beautiful not have it on display.
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