Antique Sliding Bevel

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Antique Sliding Bevel
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02D12.16 Antique Sliding Bevel

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Beautiful rosewood or mahogany Antique Sliding Bevels with hardened spring steel blades of various lengths. Some show traces of the original bluing now turned brown with age. The blades are set by means of a simple set screw – these are early, factory-made no-frills tools which were made for the trades, and yet elegantly mounted with solid brass. Still functional, “honestly worn” historical antiques like the Sliding Bevel bring great joy whether on the mantle or in the workshop.

Every tool in our stock is unique, and though we will not be able to choose a particular model, you can be confident each is a fine and authentic Antique Sliding Bevel from the UK that has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and charm.

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