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Antique Smokehouse Padlocks – from the late 1800’s
$ 44.5
It’s amazing the things you come across when you scour old New England flea markets and auctions. On a recent foraging trip to some old haunts, we found a limited quantity of Antique Smokehouse Padlocks. We estimate they date as far back as the 1880s. All with their original (or working) keys.

Smokehouse Padlocks: So called because they were used by farmers to lock their smokehouses, is 3-lever lock system. When these levers are raised by the key to the correct position, they allow the bolt to pass through the gates of the levers. It is a 2 stage turn to align them to the same height within the mechanism in order to move the interior bolt. Ours are wrought iron and the four we are selling back back to the late 1800s.
These are beautiful and working locks, great to have around as a conversation piece, or even for locking up small items in style (we don’t recommend using these for valuables; though they work, they aren’t high security by today’s standards). Very limited quantities, once these are gone, we can’t guarantee we will get more.
Note: Because of the limited quantities and the history when you order, what brand you receive will be a surprise. While you can’t pick the exact lock, it will be authentic, and we promise one of a kind.
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