Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw

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Winter Sale Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw
Especially suited to cutting green wood
Ergonomic Cushioned Handle Reduces Fatigue
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68C01.02 Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw

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Unlike many pruning saws, this 20" model has 'rakers' (the gaps between the tri-cut teeth) for fast removal of sawdust from the cut. This is especially useful when cutting larger branches. It excels at cutting green wood that produces damp sawdust - but will not perform as fast as a standard pruning saw (one without rakers) when cutting dead wood. The rakers are omitted from the end of the blade – start your cut in this area. The ergonomic handle has a cushioned insert that makes the saw very controllable for long periods, and it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size – it weighs a very well balanced 16oz. This is an excellent complement to the standard non-raker) pruning saw at a very affordable price.
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  • Nice Saw

    Ann Burns, 10/8/2017 great product at a great price
  • Great pruning saw

    Cwade, 10/27/2016 The purchase arrived just in time! My husband was struggling to remove a four inch limb from a live oak with a bow saw. Another limb which he wished to leave on the tree was too close to allow for the use of the bow saw. I brought out the large raker pruning saw for him to use. It was just the right tool to handle the job in a very efficient manner. The curved graduated size of the blade is a dream design.The job wasn't effortless, but certainly made easier with this well designed tool! I appreciate that the saw comes with a cover that fits tightly back over the teeth of the saw. This will be my go-to pruning saw for years to come! Thank you, Garrett Wade for making such good tools accessible all in one place.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Connie!!
  • Twig Furniture Makers dream saw.

    Barbara Thompson, 10/20/2016 Cuts green wood like butter. I make green hardwood twig furniture and this saw handle 1 inch to 12 inch with ease, and leaves nice smooth flat cuts. Started out using two hands but with practice one does the job. Came razor sharp out of the heavy plactic bag with a heavy clear plastic blade guard which makes storing it much easier. I love this tool!
  • Saw with right curve

    Jim. Mooney, 9/4/2016 Good saw for tree branches and heavy branched hedges. Gloves definitely need to be worn. Saw very sharp and its curveture needs to be respected. Instructions and other information should be included
  • Arborist Large Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw

    Richard, 6/13/2016 Curved cutting edge measures almost 21 inches of straight cut (not offset) sharp teeth. Handle is a hard black polymer, threaded (no nuts I can see without disassembly) for the two assembly screws, with a softer comfort grip (orange colored). Wear gloves when using it (sharp blade). Very lightweight. Is a great saw but you should study the website or catalog description to understand why it has "rakers", the purpose of the saw (Arborists Large Pruning Saw for green wood), and how to use it. (It was packaged inside a sturdy thick clear plastic bag but with no instructions.) As stated it performs noticeably slower on dry hardwood (branches). Cuts best on the pull, lighter pressure on the push, and with only very light pressure when first starting/establishing the cut.
  • Right size saw.

    Dave Ross, 5/25/2016 Perfectly sized tool. Comfortable grip. Sharp blade. Good for small to medium size limbs. Great value.
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