Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer

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Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer
Lightweight and easy to use
11G12.19 Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer

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This long reach Cutter is strong but light, with durable aluminum alloy handles. The cutting jaws are sharp and easily activated with the wide giraffe-style handle action, and the cutting head can also be rotated – a big plus in crowded branch situations. A hook on the back aids in grabbing and pulling down loose branches, and a handy removable nylon harness is included to give your back a break when putting in long hours carrying it around.

A boon to arborists and other outdoor workers who need to reach up high into branches for trimming, this cutter will give you years of use and make your job much, much easier.

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Overall Rating
  • Lightweight and easy to use

    Helen Carnes , 11/21/2020 I am scared of chainsaws and I didn’t want to get a long arm portable chainsaw... I stumbled across this long arm trimmer and so pleased I bought it!! Light weight and so easy to use.
  • No telescoping

    Eric, 11/17/2020 Love them. I only wish they telescoped to reach the higher branches
  • The best trimmer.

    Nancy, 10/26/2020 This is a wonderful product - a very sharp cutter and reaches to branches that otherwise would require a ladder. The strap that goes over the shoulder makes it even easier to use.
  • Tennessee Pruning

    S. Woodlee, 8/30/2020 Worked well the short time I have had the pruner!
  • Long reach cutter.

    Andrzej Trojanowski, 8/27/2020 Excellent tool to manage my palm trees, without using a ladder. Very good quality, worth every penny spent.
  • very good trimmer

    rick, 8/23/2020 the trimmer is very lightweight and very sharp...does a great job trimming my palm trees...i definitely recommend this trimmer!!!!
  • Cutter

    Joanne Nash, 7/18/2020 I’m 72 years old and this tool is everything as described. I was very pleased and excited to use it. Light weight , but very strong and very easy to handle. It cut right through my tree branches On the very first cut without any effort and was surprised how far up the tree I was able to cut. I have no need to call in and have someone else do the job. The long handled also helps when trimming flowers without bending .This is the greatest tree tool trimmer I have ever owned.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2020 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Joanne!!

  • Arborist Long Reach Cutter

    Marcia Lyman, 7/18/2020 I am totally thrilled with my new long reach trimmer. I went around the entire outside of the house and did not need to use the ladder one time!! Also, it was really fast. One of the best products I've purchased in years!!
  • The right tool for several pruning chores

    Brent, 7/4/2020 The long reach cutter has allowed me to prune apple, fig, kiwi, pear, plum and volunteer woody shrubby from the ground; keeping me off the ladder! I therefore create debris piles in half the time but twice the size.
  • Lightweight Trimmer

    Sandra, 6/22/2020 This is a vast improvement over the pole tree trimmer (the kind where you pull on the cord) I've been using for years. It's SO LIGHT, extends high and cuts cleanly. I get a lot done without straining my neck and shoulders.
  • Love this Long reach trimmer!!

    Gayle Garbarino , 6/11/2020 I was so excited to use this new trimmer and it is all that I hoped for! Cuts like butter and I am able to reach tall branches without use of a ladder. I would like to have another longer one that works the same, so much easier that pulling the rope on a pole saw for me. I’m a 73 year old widow, and love that I can do my trimming myself.
    Highly recommend this product!
  • Perfect tool

    Bruce, 4/20/2020 Perfect for reaching in amongst sharp thorns in my palm tree. Very very sharp cutter so trimming is a breeze. A bit pricey, but worth every peny.
  • Best

    Janet, 4/9/2020 My neighbors are in line to borrow this great tool and I am always happy to share.
  • Just what I needed

    Ed Moritz, 4/4/2020 I have two areas in my yard where summer greenery either touches overhead wires or grows so high that I have to trim it much lower than I want to. This cutter already removed a bunch of last year's growth from wires and it is primed for the mid-summer trim
  • Great tool

    Peter Douglas , 6/21/2019 Works well saves a lot of time, makes pruning over my fish pond so much easier.
  • Perfect Tool for cutting branches up to 8' in the air.

    Frank Briscoe, 6/2/2019 Perfect tool for the job! My girlfriend wanted some high branches cut which would have required me to climb a latter to reach with her regular 40" trimmer. I'm 73 and reluctant to take the risk of falling off a latter and breaking a leg, arm or my neck. Thanks to this Long Reach Trimmer, I could do the job from the safety of terra firma.
  • Life Saving Tool

    Clara Beard, 5/24/2019 The long reach cutter is absolutely perfect for cutting and trimming without having to climb up a ladder.
  • Perfect for my 91 year old gardening dad

    Nancy, 5/14/2019 I bought this for my 91 year old father who is always out in the garden. He has had several long reach pruners but none that have the wide double hand handles. He tried it right away and said it was perfect because of the handles and really liked the strap to balance the pruner for the high branches. He was equally excited to look through the catalog and found many more items that he wants. We already have a second order in.
  • Easy to use

    Debbie , 3/18/2019 So far It has worked well. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting to the trees because of snow but as soon as there is a little less I’ll be working with these a lot so they’ll get a good try out.
  • Perfect, useful tool, to own for what it does

    David Feldstein, 9/1/2018 This is a good, useful, and easy to use tool. Much easier to control and sharper, than a pole cutter. It extends further than my extending loppers, besides being lighter. As an 80+ guy, I find that I can safely and securely use it on a short ladder to trim citrus trees and several oak trees which tend to have vertically hanging branches. A wonderful tool. Looks easy to keep sharp.
  • arbor long reach prunier

    herbert, 8/10/2018 works good
  • Light and sharp

    Bill, 7/28/2018 Light and sharp. I was impressed by how easily it cut limbs
  • old person can use lopper

    JoAnn Trial, 5/6/2018 It works. It's light enough for a 74-year old woman to use.
  • Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer

    Frank Loo, 4/22/2018 The cutter helps me to reach much higher from the ground instead of climbing a ladder. The cutting blade is sharp, it is a good tool for me.
  • Long reach pruner

    Roy Bresky, 4/10/2018 This is an excellent and versatile pruning tool. I was using it an hour after receiving it and it met expectations . It is light enough to manage while on a ladder and primes easily and cleanly.
  • Excellent tool for difficult pruning situations

    Spencer Ericksen, 12/5/2017 Bought this cutter for pruning the top of our wisteria arbor. The arbor is 10 feet tall and 20 feet square, so getting to the rogue wisteria shoots in the middle is difficult. This pruner exceeded my expectations -- lightweight enough to be manageable when perched on top of a ladder and reaching far in front of you, but sturdy enough to make clean and precise cuts. The rotating head is especially useful for maneuvering around obstacles to cut just the branch that you want.
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