Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer

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Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer
Lightweight and easy to use
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11G12.19 Arborist Long Reach Cutter/Trimmer

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This long reach Cutter is strong but light, with durable aluminum alloy handles. The cutting jaws are sharp and easily activated with the wide giraffe-style handle action, and the cutting head can also be rotated – a big plus in crowded branch situations. A hook on the back aids in grabbing and pulling down loose branches, and a handy removable nylon harness is included to give your back a break when putting in long hours carrying it around.

A boon to arborists and other outdoor workers who need to reach up high into branches for trimming, this cutter will give you years of use and make your job much, much easier.

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  • Excellent tool for difficult pruning situations

    Spencer Ericksen, 12/4/2017 Bought this cutter for pruning the top of our wisteria arbor. The arbor is 10 feet tall and 20 feet square, so getting to the rogue wisteria shoots in the middle is difficult. This pruner exceeded my expectations -- lightweight enough to be manageable when perched on top of a ladder and reaching far in front of you, but sturdy enough to make clean and precise cuts. The rotating head is especially useful for maneuvering around obstacles to cut just the branch that you want.
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