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Ancient design for drilling precise small holes
88H11.01 Short Archimedes Drill

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88H11.10 Both Archimedes Drills

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These simple hand drills are an ancient, perfect design for drilling very tiny holes with minimal fuss. Simple to use, just press down on the top with a fingertip while working the bushing up and down the spiral screw shaft.

Available in two styles. The first, in solid brass, is 4-1/2" long and holds bits from 0.040" to 0.060" in its collet. The second is also solid brass, nickel plated, and is a little longer at 7-1/2". It has two collets with a capacity from almost 0 to about 0.055".

The drill bits (sold separately) range from 0.014 to 0.055". Five sizes (.014", .027" .035", .047" & .055") are available in a packs of two each size.

Made in India.

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Overall Rating
  • Great drill!

    Andy, 11/6/2017 I got the smaller of the two archimedes drills for my girlfriend after my brother recommended it. She normally drills for her jewelry work using a dremel but this hand tool allows her to quickly drill holes in softer materials much more safely and is a much smaller tool to add to a travel kit for on the go repairs. The drill is not only very well made, but it's also very attractive.
  • Drilling Away

    John Swihart, 1/17/2017 Great item. Used it and it was perfect for the application. Very well made and machined. T
  • Long Archimedes Drill

    Jeff Jones, 11/28/2016 Excellent product. Used it right out of the box, and it worked perfectly for the job. Speedy delivery. Couldn't be more happy. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Handy push drill

    Steve, 3/8/2016 Good for PC Board drilling of very small holes.
  • Precision Hand Drilling

    Patrick Giese, 3/11/2014 I needed small hand driven drills that I can use for making jewelry works these fit the need perfectly. Timely shipping and constant quality control ensures I get the reliable tool I need every time! Thanks!!
  • Archimedes Drill

    Robert, 1/14/2014 If you do precision wood working or work with fragile materials, this is what you need. I used this to make new pilot holes in a fragile, wooden jewelry box, for a hinge replacement. A power drill might have ruined it. Works well.
  • They Work

    Joel B, 12/5/2013 Items are both made in India. They seem well made for the price, but seem as if they could use a little lube or breaking in. Interesting devices, I'm looking forward to using them. Package was VERY well padded. Be sure and order the drill bits!
  • Archimedes Drills

    Mark Mann, 11/23/2013 I have always found these types of manual drills very interesting ow, in doing marquetry and veneering, the small drill easily creates the opening for the saw blade in the packets. These drills are very well made and are nicely finished.
  • Slightly Disappointed

    Jen, 10/1/2013 The drill's seem to be of good quality and easy to use. I thought they would come with at least 1 drill bit. Didn't see anywhere that is said drill bits not included".

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comment. We are sorry that you were disappointed and have now changed the description. "
  • Archimedes Drills

    Jim Coogan, 1/1/2013 The drills are an excellent addition to my scroll saw tools. Drilling small holes for the blades are fast and easy. Both drills operated smoothly. I have a drill press and plenty or corded or cordless drills but prefer to use these for drilling holes when I am scroll sawing. I have also used it to drill pilot holes in delicate mitered trim.
  • By Gosh It Works...

    David Colby, 6/8/2011
  • Drilling Good Time

    Barry Shiffert, 10/16/2009 I am pleased with both drills although it should be noted that the downward motion of bushing is against spring pressure. The larger 7.5 drill require some breaking in as well as oil to smooth out operation for a good hole. The smaller 4" operated well from the start with a light oiling. A specific identification of each collet capacity would have saved trial and error time as well as my obsessive engineering need for precision beyond my ability to achieve. In any case, I really like both drills. Quality is good and they do the job well. Sincerely; Barry J. Shiffert"
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