Astonishing, Unique Japanese 12" Woodworking Clamps

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Astonishing, Unique Japanese 12" Woodworking Clamps
pads and moving arm adjust in multiple directions
18C02.20 Unique Woodworking Clamps

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These are unlike any traditional “F” clamp you have ever seen. With their unique flexibility, they’ll be a huge addition to every shop.

  1. The clamp is not restricted to a single angle but can be adjusted to work at any position without restriction because clamp pressure does not rely on a long handle.

  2. Clamping pressure comes from rotating a large, comfortable hand “wingnut."

  3. The angle moveable arm can be adjusted by up to 14˚ from horizontal, and the rubber pads can be rotated within a range of 31˚, up or down.

The cumulative result is a functional flexibility in use that can only be imagined. They are superb tools. In particular, they excel in tight spaces and for holding parallel or non-linear projects tightly in place. Jaw depth runs to a maximum of 4" deep, with big rubberized feet to pad your project. Comes as a set of two. We recommend at least two sets.

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