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Automatic Hose Reel
$ 199
The automatic hose reel is one of those tools with which people tend to have complicated relationships. If we're tired of the dirty heavy unwieldy hose that we've been dragging around and we're wanting to make a change, we can easily over-romanticize the experience of using an automatic hose reel and attribute to it capabilities only found in motor driven commercial systems with remote hose storage. Controlled feed and hands-free rewind are unrealistic expectations for a hose reel which has been designed for the home and one that requires a higher degree of interaction from the user (keeping the hose clean, "walking back" the hose during rewind). Unfortunately, such misguided expectations often lead to disappointment, though the reel performs exactly as designed. With all of this in mind, we found the extremely well engineered "Roto Roll" Automatic Hose Reel which we think just may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ground Shipping Only.

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