Three Automatic Punches

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A better solution for accurate drilling
78B01.02 Self Center Automatic Punch

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For drilling accuracy, a centering mark is generally made first with a hammer and punch. A much better alternative, however, is one of our Automatic Punches, because they need no hammer. Just place the point firmly on the mark; as you press down, the spring action fires, leaving a perfect mark. Tighten the cap to increase marking pressure.

Available in three models of solid brass and steel construction. One is for normal punch work. The second performs critical self-centering function, using a cone shaped retractable nose, for mounting flat hardware (like hinges). The third, with its long nose, helps you mount thick fixtures (like shelf supports or furring strips) to a wall or other surface.

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Overall Rating
  • Great addition!

    William, 2/22/2019 I buy tools according to need and quality. The finish on the punch I purchased was great and the design as well as function are excellent . I didn’t “need” this punch but when I saw it I couldn’t allow an opportunity to own it slip away. It works great, and will be a nice addition to the box.
  • Reliable

    Jose, 2/3/2019 I bought this set to replace a Starrett punch and Im thouroughly impressed. I was worried these would slip, and not punch, but they strike everytime. So far the tips have held up well against grade 8.8 fasteners.
  • Great Tool.

    David Griffith , 10/24/2018 I bought this punch alongside the screw starter. Both work flawlessly and require little effort. Pair these with a set of gimlets and you will be able to do nearly all your hinge setting, hole drilling etc. I’m seriously considering the purchase of the other 2 punches. A joy to use.
  • Works properly, but stiff spring.

    Kirk, 12/16/2017 The product description says: "as you press down, the spring action fires, leaving a perfect mark." Mine came apart in shipping. I put the spring-mounted guide cone back on (easily done), but it didn't seem to work right. Unscrewing the adjusting cap all the way off reveals a spring on top of a sliding cylindrical block. One end is flat; the other is rounded. The rounded end has a hole partway through the block along the axis of the cylinder. Put the rounded end in first, then put the spring in (pressing on the flat end), then screw the cap on. I was surprised by the force needed to push the pointed pin in far enough for the spring to fire. In soft wood, it may mark the wood before it fires, even adjusted for minimal pressure (cap unscrewed nearly all the way off. However, it does indeed make a nice mark.
  • Nice set

    Glenda, 7/4/2016 Works great to keep you spot on. It allows one to choose the location desired before committing with a drill. The punches themselves are sharp, sharper than I expected.

    WILLIAM, 4/11/2016 Even though this item may be common place to some I do so enjoy tools that to me are exotic. I might use these but once a year, but they're a nice fit in my collection of tools.
  • Good Value

    Lux, 9/28/2015 These are nicely machined and finished. Keep in mind that they are for woodworking, not metal layout. The deep reach punch has a lighter action due to the taller cap, as seen in the photo. If you need a stronger action on this punch, you can swap in the shorter cap from one of the other punches.
  • Punches

    Elad, 1/29/2014 I've had 2 Automatic Punch" for years, one broke, I kept it for parts, the other worked great, then my son lost it! I purchased these to replace my trusted one, they are exact copies of the original ones with the exception of the cap, the originals had brass. Swapped the Brass for the aluminum on the standard punch and good to go. Do not forget to oil them once a year. //Elad// "
  • Good Purchase

    David Davis, 1/21/2014 Very happy with this three piece spring loaded center punch set quality product! Nice to look at and well made.
  • Great Punches

    William Rust, 11/9/2012 I bought the punch set a few months ago. I have many ways of center punching, so I wondered if I was gilding the lily" when I got them. The automatic punches have exceeded my expectations and I would not sell them back. They are accurate and ease to use. I am delighted with these quality punches and expect to get years of good service from them."
  • Well Made

    TK, 8/6/2012 I have had the deep reach punch for a least four years. If you take this thing apart you will really appreciate the quality of this tool. Very nice & well made. The tip has gotten a little blunt, but a quick point can be achieved in a couple of minutes on a sharpening stone.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Tim!!
  • Works Well

    zach, 12/19/2011 Not sure why the other reviewers are having so much trouble with these but they seem to work well for me.
  • Automatic punches

    formshifter, 4/16/2010 I agree with Jules. Meant for light usage only.
  • Broke down quickly

    Jules75, 4/15/2010 The punches are handsome. After very little use, however, the collar of the Standard punch began to break down. The housing is aluminum and did not stand up to the push and punch action. Very nice to look at but I would not recommend them for regular use.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The Automatic punches are made of solid brass casings, a hardened steel tip, two internal steel springs and rams, and an aluminum screw-on end cap (the black part). These Punches should not be struck with a mallet or any other object. They operate by the action of two strong springs which release as the Punch is pressed down by hand. The rounded black end cap should be pressed in palm. We've sold the Punches quite successfully for years and we use them constantly around the shop. We've never experienced them breaking down"."
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