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work horse baking implements
14B02.03 Rolling Pin

Available 01/22/2021


19A04.10 Set of Three USA Made Classic Stoneware Mixing Bowls

Available 03/05/2021


19A04.30 Baking Gift Set

Available 03/05/2021

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Special Price $150.00

19A06.01 Dough Scraper

In stock


45A03.47 Fermenting Baskets Oval

Available 01/20/2021


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The Dough Scraper has a striking walnut handle affixed by brass rivets and a 6" x 3" stainless steel blade. Mix and cut, or scrape your counter or cutting board with this handy breadmaking tool. The beechwood Rolling Pin is a generous 18" with a 1¾" end diameter. A ¼" clearance between the ends and middle ensure consistent thickness when rolling out dough. Made in the USA.The Three Stoneware Mixing Bowls are made in Ohio from local clay and glazed to perfection. Mix cake batter, bread dough, or pancakes, or use as a serving bowl. The glaze is food-safe and lead-free, and the bowls are safe for ovens and microwaves. The handy Dough Scraper lets you mix and cut dough or scrape your cutting board. It features a walnut handle with brass rivets and a 6" x 3" stain- less steel blade. The Rattan Fermenting Basket breathes, allowing for a more controlled second rise. You can also use the basket to hold and serve your crusty, homemade loaf.

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