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It cleans, lubricates and protects
19A02.01 Garden Tool Oil - 6 oz Aerosol

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Ballistol was originally formulated in the early 1900s to be a multi-purpose oil for soldiers: one oil for maintaining both metallic and wooden parts of their rifles, and for treating their leather goods. It turned out to be such a versatile oil that its use spread rapidly. It cleans, lubricates and protects metals, wood, leather (except suede), rubber and hard plastics. It never thickens. It is slightly alkaline, so it neutralizes the acid from sweaty hands and tanned leather. Its penetrating qualities make it useful for freeing frozen fasteners.

These properties make it ideal for protecting and maintaining garden tools. Wooden handles will not turn gummy after being treated with the oil, moving parts will be lubricated, blades will be kept rust-free and leather workboots will remain supple. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It's the sort of thing that once you try it you just keep finding more uses for it.

Available in a CFC-free aerosol and as individually-wrapped wipes.

Note: some multi-purpose penetrating oils have a rather durable odor which can be off-putting. In this regard, Ballistol is a welcome alternative. It's smell is not offensive, and it dissipates very quickly. For something with so many uses in so many situations, this can be important.

If you need to remove rust from your garden tools we suggest our Wonderbar rust erasers. Available in three grades, they are solid 3-1/4 x 2 x 3/4" blocks of rubber compound embedded throughout with silicon carbide abrasive.

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Overall Rating
  • Such a great product!

    Sandra, 11/12/2018 I use a reel mower for my lawn and was in need of a quality oil that was non-toxic to clean the blades on the mower (they need cleaning every year to keep them sharp for cutting). The wipes are perfect. No fuss, no mess, and environmentally friendly. Thank you.
  • Portable and effective

    Donny Jones, 6/24/2018 These rust removers are easy to carry in your pocket wherever you are working and are extremely effective at cleaning rust away quickly
  • Rust busters

    Scot, 10/16/2017 These do awesome job of removing rust and polishing steel
  • Wonderland Rust Eraser

    Suzanne Hubbard, 9/2/2017 Excellent product! Works as described.
  • Great rust remover!

    Ed Fillman, 4/17/2017 I bought the set of three blocks. I used them on a pair of industrial scissors that had corroded, and they came out like new using the coarse and finishing with the medium. Also cleaned up some old chisels; like new!
  • price point

    ann crikmer, 2/24/2017 reasonable price (opportunity) to try new product
  • Make Work Easy

    Steve, 8/3/2015 I own a landscape and mowing company and this stuff works bottom line. easily lubricate mower parts and trailer parts. I'm also a hunter and it cleans rifles like new!!!
  • Hand Block

    Charles Martin, 7/19/2015 Excellent, handy solution to the problem of maintaining the polished steel top of my table saw.
  • Incredible Rust Removal

    King Waters, 1/26/2015 I bought these in a set, one of each grade. I tried the coarse block on a completely rusted Craftsman chisel I got secondhand, and it was bright steel within minutes. I tried it on a second chisel and had the same result. Now I'm searching for any other neglected tools to work the magic on.
  • Sandflex Hand Blocks

    Curt Budny, 6/25/2014 These blocks work great for removing rust from tool surfaces and polishing to a mirror finish. I purchase all three blocks course, medium and fine and am very pleased with their performance. I will most likely order more when these wear out.
  • Expected More

    Jeff Schmidt, 3/31/2014 I just expected better results while using on some tools made of different metals ie.... Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc.. trying to remove light stains and corrosion.
  • Rubber/Abrassive

    Don Niermann, 3/20/2014 Product was shipped fast. The blocks are just what I needed for my project and worked just great. It cleaned up a rusty plane in no time at all.
  • Handy

    Joe Glosson, 2/13/2014 Very good product for a variety of applications. Tackles tough rust on tools best.
  • Rust is Gone

    Lorman Lundsten, 12/31/2013 I was impressed with the set of three abrasive blocks. They removed the rust on an old plane without removing any of the steel plane body. It is clear that I will be able to use them on many more old tools since they still look only somewhat used.
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