Bar Gauge Head Set

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Bar Gauge Head Set
Square-up a project in seconds
18N24.01 Bar Gauge Head Set

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This is a very old-timers tool that has never lost its superb function. It's particularly useful in drawer work and works most effectively as a "double-check" during final glue-up. You simply slide two narrow wood pieces (which you make yourself) through both Heads. Place the resulting "stick" diagonally across one dimension, tighten the Heads and then attempt to fit the "stick" across the other facing diagonal. If it fits precisely, you have an absolutely square construction.

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Overall Rating
  • Bar gauge clamps

    Scott, 9/30/2016 Easy to use and good quality product
  • Can't Do Without Them

    Chris, 12/28/2014 Once you use these tools they become indispensable. Great for accurate measurements when sizing replacement windows. I have 2 sets to cover large and small openings. Great tool, you will love them. Fine Veritas quality as well!
  • Excellent Measuring Tool

    Mark Biegert, 8/22/2013 I have made two orders of bar gauge heads. My last bar gauge heads ended up being borrowed." Along with a couple of thin slats of wood, bar gauge heads make a great tool for getting exact measurements in tough to access locations. I have tried all sorts of techniques with my tape measuring for getting accurate corner measurements, but nothing beats bar gauge clamps."
  • Bar Gauge Head

    Joseph Maurizzi, 1/1/2011 I liked this little set so much I bought a 2ed set so I could cover a larger range. They work great.
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