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The tools used should always fit the scale of the job
88H04.02 Basic Small Crafts Kit

Available 04/15/2021

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The 26 piece Basic Kit (88H04.02) includes a small bench vise, a wood/steel hand vise, two small steel parallel clamps, a small Brass caliper, a dozen picks and probes, 6 tweezers of varying tip design, flat and needle nose mini pliers, and a polished mini steel anvil.The zippered case keeps the small tools in each kit safe and sound until you open it. When you need them (which will happen) you'll be happy to be able to pull them out. Every well equipped shop will benefit.

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  • 26 Piece Basic Kit (88H04.02)

    Scott Miller, 12/17/2020 Great kit for small crafts. I purchased this as a gift for my girlfriend. She couldn't be happier. Ideal kit for crafting.
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