Bavarian "Crossbows"

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Bavarian "Crossbows"
Toys don't come any simpler or more fun
45A05.01 Pistol-Grip Toy “Crossbow” (w/ 3 arrows & target)

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45A05.02 Rifle-Stock Toy “Crossbow” (w/ 3 arrows & target)

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45A05.05 5 Extra Arrows

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58T01.03 3 Duck Target (no dart gun)

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58T01.04 Hen Target (no dart gun)

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Instead of a Game Boy, surprise them this year with a game for boys and girls of all ages that's guaranteed to get them up and moving and having fun. Both the Rifle-style and the Pistol-style grips are hand carved from European beech with a beautiful warm golden finish. Bow is 5/8" Spring Steel with poly tips securely holding the woven nylon line. Positive spring-return poly trigger and catch. Thanks to its longer bow, the new Rifle-style model will deliver somewhat greater range than the Pistol-grip version.

Both come with a 12" x 12" hi-visibility Target and 3 rubber-tipped Safety Arrows (extra arrows available in sets of 5). Improves hand-eye coordination and respectful play.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. For ages 14 and Up.
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We also offer three optional targets: the Ducks and the new Stylized Avian Target. The ducks "fly" on their rotating carousel and fall off when they are hit.  Simple gravity provides the rotational power. It's easy to set up and surprisingly challenging.  And lastly, we have our new Stylized Avian Target, with sections that “fly off” when struck. All three are great family fun! 

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Overall Rating

    Pamela Bryson, 10/26/2020 These additional arrows are exactly the same as the arrows that come with the crossbow and are blue.
  • Bavarian Crossbow Easy to Use

    Pamela Bryson, 10/26/2020 The crossbow is easy to use and aims well. It seems to be very made and meant to last through at least one generation of children. The crossbow is great for stress reduction.
  • Crossbow for kids (and adults)

    Michael Gonet, 2/11/2019 Easy ordering process. I received the order on time and in good condition. The product quality was very good and "as advertised". I ordered the crossbow with rubber darts and target for my grandson.He was thrilled, and so was I. It was easy for him to use (he is 6) and a lot of fun. I suggest supervision!
  • Santa win!

    Jill Schroer, 1/1/2019 5 year old loves it!
  • Crossbow Christmas gift

    JR, 12/30/2018 We bought the rifle stock crossbow as a Christmas gift for a friend who is an avid hunter. It was the hit of the day for the whole family! Very happy with the quality. Seems the price has increased quite a bit since my purchase, so unfortunately I’m hesitant to buy a second one (though I would like to).
  • Bavarian "Crossbows"

    Cathy, 12/29/2018 I actually bought this for my granddaughter. She loves it. So does her sister. Thanks for the great item.
  • Hen game with Rifle

    Frank Congemi, 12/3/2018 Beautiful in its simplicity
  • Crossbow for kids

    PHH, 12/8/2017 This is a nicely made kids crossbow. It's a little smaller than I expected but perfect for kids under 13 yrs old. It shoots a fairly strong dart but with no fear of injuring anyone with a misguided shot. But heed the warning 'you'll shoot your eye out kid' and have them wear glasses just in case. : )
  • Quality wooden toy from day gone by.

    George valley, 12/2/2017 Very well made. Quality toy will provide lots of fun. Great service, communication and quick delivery.
  • Bavarian rifle stock crossbow

    Katie Griffin , 11/5/2017 Bought this as a Christmas present for our grandson. Of course my husband had to try it out. It was awesome! Know our grandson will love it. Can’t wait to give it to him. He will be thrilled and excited!!!
  • Bavarian Crossbow

    KATIE Griffin , 11/5/2017 Bought this for my grandson. Of course my husband had to try it out. It is s Christmas present. It was awesome! My grandson will love this, can’t wait to see my grandson when we give it to him!!!!
  • Bavarian Crossbow a fun hit.

    teresa mitchel, 1/14/2017 This was a Christmas present for my grandkids ages 8, 10, and 12. They love it. When they put it down to have lunch, I played too and found it to have accurate aim.
  • Not just for kids!

    Edward Sprigler, 12/10/2016 I bought this item as a gift. When you hear 'dude this is awesome' from a 50 year old you KNOW you struck gold!
  • Best of the best

    Donald Weaver, 9/30/2016 The very best of several gifts for my grandsons. The 6 year old would put it down only to eat. I suggest purchasing additional targets & arrows. Durable & great, you need the arrows for efficiency of time.
  • Pistol-Grip Crossbow

    Patrick , 3/16/2016 I purchased the Pistol-Grip version for my 7 year old son. The Crossbow is durable and well made. It is perfect for his size and in terms of handling, seems suitable for an average child under 10 years old. Children 10 years and older can most likely easily hold and operate the Rifle-style. The darts do move quickly when fired, so you may want to supervise its use. When the Crossbow arrives, the bow will be vertical with the handle. Although it is attached with a screw, you can simply turn it by hand so that it is perpendicular and ready for use.
  • Great Product

    Robert, 1/22/2015 Great toy. I purchased three but came to realize that the darts are shot much stronger than anticipated. I will need to allow my kids to grow a bit before allowing them to use.
  • Very Cool!

    Michael, 1/3/2015 Bought this as a family" Christmas present. One of the best presents. We had a great time playing together."
  • Crossbow is Awesome

    Patsy D Thomson, 1/1/2015 Grandson thoroughly is enjoying this crossbow, awesome toy, he is very good at hitting the target too. lol
  • Extra Arrows

    Patsy D Thomson, 1/1/2015 Extra arrows makes for more fun. lol
  • Crossbow

    Pam, 12/29/2014 My husband and son love it. I'm also playing. We actually have a standing target from another toy he received and this is nice as it provides us freedom to move it around outside.
  • Crossbows

    Pam, 12/29/2014 Love these, my son loves the Smaller one, he is 4-1/2, my husband loves the rifle. We have been having fun with this. They really move so caution just giving it to a child to play. He only uses it with our supervision and we have taught him range safety" as they can damage an eye if not used with care. That said, it is one of our favorite Christmas toys!. Used almost as much as our ultra saber light saber!! That says something. "
  • Surprised

    T. Endo, 12/28/2014 We were pleasantly surprised by the power/range/accuracy of the pistol grip crossbow. Though very easy to cock, the spring steel bow imparts a straight line trajectory 20 feet to the dart.
  • Tech-Breaker

    Tom Kunze, 1/24/2014 My grandchildren are part of the tech-revolution. I bought this game for Xmas and every time we get together it is a tournament. Guess some the old dart games still bring us together. Thanks for keeping this alive.
  • Great Alternative to Video Games

    Rich Stehly, 1/1/2014 My 15 year old loved this mini cross bow as much as any of his other presents this Christmas. Simple old fashioned fun; easy to set up and learn simple safety practices and responsibility for any weapon. I'm getting one for myself!
  • Hours of Fun for All Ages!

    Sam Gawad, 12/23/2013 The second I saw this, I knew it would be a must have for the office and at home. It is safe and fun, thus making it great for all ages. Garrett Wade is a phenomenal company with great products, amazing customer service, and excellent prices and makes one stop shopping easy. Definitely a site or catalog that should be used for purchasing gifts for Birthdays, Christmas or any other special holidays.
  • Fun Toy for Sharing and for Self-entertainment

    Larry Wier, 12/20/2013 This is a great toy for indoor family entertainment. A Christmas gift that draws my teenage son away from his constant electronics.
  • Little Big Kids

    Regina, 12/13/2013 Bought this last year for my husband. Had to get it this year for my son, Both are over the age of 35. They love it and so do their children. Thus one for my son. Great gift and wonderful item for all ages.
  • Big Little Kids

    Regina, 12/13/2013 Got this last year for my husband. All the arrows have been lost. The grands have used this so much that the arrows went??? So I got a new set this year. When you buy the bow make sure you get extra arrows. It is fun, fun, fun.
  • Great Gift

    Reese, 12/13/2013 I got this for Christmas last year and haven't stopped playing with it since.
  • Entertaining For All Ages

    ZU Ranch, 10/18/2013 7 all the way to 60 year old's enjoy this gadget.
  • Crossbow

    Clint, 1/4/2013 Purchased as a gift for my daughter, this is a well-made quality toy with a real feel and good accuracy. Fun! Thank You.
  • Crossbow

    Mike, 1/2/2013 Ordered for xmas for 2 son in laws and son all over the age of 25. they say best xmas present yet. Wives disagree.
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