Bavarian Toy Crossbows with New Target Design

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Bavarian Toy Crossbows with New Target Design
toys don't come any simpler or more fun
45A05.03 GW Pistol Crossbow w/Target

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45A05.04 GW Rifle-Stock Crossbow w/Target

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45A05.05 5 Extra Arrows

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Instead of an Xbox, surprise them this year with an old-school toy for children of all ages. It's guaranteed to get them up and moving. Both the Rifle-style and the Pistol-style grips are hand carved from European beech with a beautiful warm golden finish. Bow is 5/8" Spring Steel with poly tips securely holding the woven nylon line. Positive spring-return poly trigger and catch. The longer, Rifle-style bow delivers a greater range than the Pistol-grip.

Both crossbows come with three rubber-tipped safety arrows and our new 12"-square two-sided target. This year we designed our target to add some more fun. One side has graphic images of deer, rabbit, fox and bison, the other side is a 5-color concentric circle with classic point scoring. It all improves hand-eye coordination and respectful play. Great for adults too, to have around the office as a stress-relieving fidget. Extra arrows available in sets of 5.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy contains small parts. For ages 14 and up.

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  • Spot on toy.

    Lenya , 12/26/2020 I purchased the pistol style cross bow for my 9 year old, and it has been a huge hit. The item is quite simply designed and easily figured out, and can be used outdoors or indoors as mentioned. It works best at short to mid range though, because the darts are lightweight. My child quickly realized that the suction cups don't adhere very well to the glossy cardboard target, unless they are moistened first. This makes me wonder how long the included target will actually last. It is a beautiful design, but flimsy, the corners bend up with use. There are no replacement targets for sale here, so I hope we figure out a plastic or metal alternative.
  • Crossbow

    Ashley T, 12/8/2020 I bought the pistol crossbow to play with during family cookouts next summer. It is very sturdy, shoots very well and strong, and the arrows definitely stick to the target it comes with. The arrows will also stick to other flat, hard plastic type surfaces, so you can make your own targets, too. Definitely a fun, unique toy to have. Young children will definitely need close supervision as they really could shoot someone’s eye out. Lol
  • The crossbow is a winner!

    Ralph Bell, 12/4/2019 When I asked my son if it would be ok if I got the Bavarian Toy Crossbow for my grandson for Christmas, his answer was, "Heck yes!" because he can see the fun that can be had with it. I believe that both my son and grandson will have fun. To be honest, I plan to get into the fun too.The crossbow looks very well made and sturdy and I was also pleased with how quickly I received it.
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