Bavarian Toy Crossbows with New Target Design

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Bavarian Toy Crossbows with New Target Design
toys don't come any simpler or more fun
45A05.03 GW Pistol Crossbow w/Target

Available 10/20/2020


45A05.04 GW Rifle-Stock Crossbow w/Target

Available 10/20/2020


45A05.05 5 Extra Arrows

In stock


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Instead of an Xbox, surprise them this year with an old-school toy for children of all ages. It's guaranteed to get them up and moving. Both the Rifle-style and the Pistol-style grips are hand carved from European beech with a beautiful warm golden finish. Bow is 5/8" Spring Steel with poly tips securely holding the woven nylon line. Positive spring-return poly trigger and catch. The longer, Rifle-style bow delivers a greater range than the Pistol-grip.

Both crossbows come with three rubber-tipped safety arrows and our new 12"-square two-sided target. This year we designed our target to add some more fun. One side has graphic images of deer, rabbit, fox and bison, the other side is a 5-color concentric circle with classic point scoring. It all improves hand-eye coordination and respectful play. Great for adults too, to have around the office as a stress-relieving fidget. Extra arrows available in sets of 5.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy contains small parts. For ages 14 and up.

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  • The crossbow is a winner!

    Ralph Bell, 12/4/2019 When I asked my son if it would be ok if I got the Bavarian Toy Crossbow for my grandson for Christmas, his answer was, "Heck yes!" because he can see the fun that can be had with it. I believe that both my son and grandson will have fun. To be honest, I plan to get into the fun too.The crossbow looks very well made and sturdy and I was also pleased with how quickly I received it.
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