BBQ Steel Brush Set

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BBQ Steel Brush Set
24T05.10 BBQ Steel Brush Set

Available 03/15/2021


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These simple Japanese tools are designed to work together to let you quickly clean off BBQ cooking surfaces. The larger brush has a scrubbing surface of 1-3/4 x 5" and an overhand handle so you can really apply pressure to extra-dirty surfaces. The small brush has a narrow, curved surface, allowing you to get into narrow areas and corners completely. Together they will do a fine job.

Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice BBQ Brushes

    Kenneth, 1/2/2019 My son, now a steadfast California BBQ fanatic, received this brush set for a holiday gift, and said they looked like the best of any brushes he has used in the past.
  • Love IT! Bought a Second One!

    Gary, 12/15/2017 This 2 tools are sturdy and easy to use. I bought one for myself, but then I had to buy one for my father-in-law since I grill at his home twice a week.
  • Incredible brushes

    Bill Bernahl, 9/10/2017 These brushes are incredible! I've had several sets over the years. I always keep a spare set since I'm worried GW might stop distributing them. I hope they don't - these are the best brushes I've ever used on the grill by far. Someone said they don't find the smaller brush useful. For me, it is great and allows me to easily clean between my stainless steel grill bars.
  • Stainless steel barbeque brushes

    William Ramsden, 4/16/2017 I bought my first set of these brushes 10 years ago and they lasted well to the end (with regular cleaning). I recently purchased a replacement set. Same high quality! Best on the market!
  • BBQ Cleaning Kit

    DEGaasterland, 7/20/2014 The hand-held brush is far better than any other. The small brush designated for between the grates is not as useful. The package is expensive, yet over the years I have purchased it four times, noticing the increase of price. Price detracts from a 5" rating."
  • Super Performer!

    Brendan, 8/24/2010 Got this set, and initially I thought Wow, that's not very big." However, what it lacks in size, it more-than makes up for in quality and performance. Easily the very best grill brush I have ever owned. HIGHLY recommended!"
  • Very Impressed

    Bob Mannino, 4/18/2010 I was very surprised by the quality of this brush set. I've been using the brushes almost everyday for two weeks and they still hold to the original shape. They are a little small...but well worth the price.
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