Bearded Viking Hatchet with Sheath

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77A01.09 Bearded Hatchet

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This Bearded Viking Hatchet is hand-forged by a German blacksmith, so each one is unique. A 'beard' in axe design is when the business end of the axe flares down well below the width of the butt end. This adds length to the cutting edge, while not significantly increasing the overall weight of the head. This style was popular among Norse warriors, who could use the beard to yank down defensive shields. For more contemporary concerns, the beard allows the user to 'choke up' and grip the axe closer to the head, for greater control in tasks like cutting kindling. The hard, carbon steel head can be sharpened very fine. The long, well-balanced, ergonomic handle is made of European elm and has a curved, flared butt end that won't slip when you swing. The 15-1/4" length and curve also adds whip and torque. The 6" long blade, with nearly 4-3/4" of cutting surface make this hatchet feel substantial, but not heavy, in the hand. Comes with a sheath. This hatchet is a functional beauty and is highly recommended.

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