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Bestseller Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool
43A03.01 Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

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Several years ago we discovered an early version of this clever little vintage pocket multi-tool at a flea market in London. We liked it so much we decided to produce an updated version, and are very pleased to offer it here. The case is solid Brass, with 5 handy pocket tools made from assorted steels. Just unscrew the two halves at the knurled center joint, select one of the five steel tools inside, slide it into the reinforced brass slot, reassemble the halves, and put to work. The two halves of the capsule act as a handle. It takes just seconds, and really couldn’t be simpler.

Beautifully made and elegant, it’s a true EDC multi-tool, and, at just over 3" long and less than 3 oz., it slips easily into a pocket or purse (leather wallet shown in image is not included). This is a great gift for yourself or anyone on your list, year round.

3 ¼” L; Widest Diameter: just over 11/16”
Weight: 2 ¾ oz.

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Overall Rating
  • Garrett wade Brass tool capsule

    Daniel, 5/26/2020 Product exceeds expectations, bought it as a fathers day gift
  • FixitGranny

    Sue, 10/19/2019 I LOVE it !! I have arthritis in my hands from doing crochet and knitting. When I used a regular handled screwdriver it hurt. This one doesn't hurt !!!
  • Just Like Grandpa's

    Charlotte Christen, 12/18/2018 Bought four of these for my grandsons. I was delighted to find it in your catalog. As a child I loved to play with the multitool my father had, which had belonged to his father who carried it with him back around 1890 when he left Germany. I have that one now and am hoping my grandsons will be as happy with theirs.
  • A MUST

    Karen Saporito, 12/3/2018 A must for anyone. Great size for pocket or pocketbook.
  • Not TSA safe: BEWARE.

    Sylvia Sweeney, 5/23/2018 If you inadvertently carry this beautiful and useful item into the TSA line, please be aware that TSA will confiscate all the little tools inside! You can keep the empty brass capsule. Happened to us.
  • It's a tool from another time. I wish there were more of this sort of thing being made.

    john, 4/10/2018 This is a very well machined little thing with the kind of heft that implies quality. My grandfather had a bunch of swiss german tool/gadgets in his shop and this would've fit right in. Kind of a random buy, but I'm happy to have it because the kind of thing you keep for decades. It's tough to explain, but if you like this site you probably get it.
  • Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

    Erin Thompson , 1/26/2018 I bought these for gifts for my boys and one for my husband, my husband was very excited to get it. He keeps it in his pocket and has use it a couple times at work. He has use it to drill and as a screwdriver and it worked great. The boys love them.
  • Beautiful Brass Capsule Multi-Tool

    James F. Campbell, 1/26/2018 Great tool to carry on one's briefcase.
  • Very Handy

    Edward, 1/26/2018 I love the way this tool is designed to fit into your hand to open a bottle of wine or pre-drill a hole for a screw. Extremely practical and efficient.
  • Awsome Little Kit

    Richard Wagner, 1/26/2018 I bought one of these for a friend and another for myself. I carry mine along on trips in case a quick fix is needed. It's a nice precision kit with a really useful selection of tools.
  • A superb gift

    S. B. Sweeney, 1/26/2018 Bought this unusual item as a gift for my husband, who will be 93 in September. He'll receive it on his birthday. We have bought many other tools and knives here, and all are beautifully made and well worth the price. This fine small set is not only useful but a treasure. Reminiscent of the old days when fine craftsmanship outdid mass production of cheaper tools. The catalog has many drool-worthy items, especially the knives. As long as you're in business, shoppers will have a source for unusual things as well as more common things lovingly made. Thank you.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner January 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Sylvia!!
  • Good Good Good!

    Gerry Reichelderfer, 1/25/2018 Bright idea well made
  • Brass wonder

    Bob Koch, 1/25/2018 As a multi tool collector, this one was particularly unique. The quality reminds me of tools made long ago. The study brass gives it the right heft and the polished, softened edges makes it pocket/friendly. As a handyman, I will carry it daily, using the several features to save me steps to the toolbox and thereby feel good about my work accomplished !
  • Small treasure

    Blaine Linda, 1/25/2018 I'm like a magpie, drawn to small shiny objects so, of course, I had to have this. Not only is it small and shiny but inside are all these wonderful and sturdy tools. It now resides in my purse ready to be of service , soon I hope. Now I just have to remember to remove it the next time I take a flight somewhere. As much as I love gimlets I don't think Homeland Security would be amused.
  • Will Probably Be A Good Gift

    KATHLEEN BERGERON, 1/25/2018 This is a Christmas gift for my son, so I do not yet know how it will go over. However, the shipping was prompt and the item was well packed when it arrived here. I have little doubt that he will make good use of this.
  • Just feels right in your hands

    John Finnell, 1/25/2018 Hefty little tool that is built to last. I especially like the hook knife for opening blister packages.
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