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Sale Beautiful German-Made Hand Drills
Using a low-tech hand drill for small jobs is often the most efficient way to work
08C03.03 Mini Hand Drill

Available 02/25/2021

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08C03.04 Larger Hand Drill

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Small hand drills are easy to use but need to be of high quality and precise to be satisfactory. That's why we have gone to Germany for these. Both are 3-jaw single pinion drills made of steel (with wood handles and alloy driving wheel). The Mini Drill (weighs 9-1/2 oz.) is only 9" long with a 6mm chuck (bit shanks need to be less than 1/4"). The Large Drill (weighs 20 oz.) is 12" long with a 10mm chuck (will handle bits up to 3/8" shanks). Although the Large Drill will theoretically "do it all", there will be times you will find the smaller drill an absolute delight to use - so we really recommend it to you also.

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Overall Rating
  • Sons first hand crank

    Scott simmons, 12/14/2020 My done is 4 and I asked him why he wanted for his birthday and he instigated for months that he wanted this tool. So we waited to see if his answer was the same and it was so we bought this for him and he loves it. And he hasn’t broke it so it is definitely durable parts. Best tool ever
  • Great for 2nd Story Work

    Alexander Monday, 12/4/2020 I’m a cat burglar. I need a drill that I can use in a variety of powerless environments. As well, I need silence. This drill is perfect for such work. I used a tungsten bit on a consumer safe and was able to cut through in a matter of minutes. Also, the black finish is good for clandestine work and matches my black turtle neck and ski mask.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your wonderfully witty review of the German Made Hand Drill! We're pleased to hear you like it!
  • Just Like Dad's

    Midge, 11/13/2020 My dad had, (probably still has it at age 93), and used this kind of drill all the time. I wanted one, but never found one that wasn't plastic, or just poorly made. This is perfect! I will be so nice to drill something that is delicate at my own speed!
  • Hand drill

    Tracy Perez, 8/28/2020 Solid metal, no plastic parts!
  • Don't make'em any better

    Steve M, 8/27/2020 Just like the one my Grandpa taught me how to drill with 60 years ago. Also can be used as a paint mixer or egg beater. Handy in the back woods, uses are limited to your imagination.
  • Power Sans Grid

    M, 8/8/2020 Handy! This does not often describe ME, as my dexterity challenges me daily and I therefore still need practice to get the hang of this tool; but it was nice to accomplish what I tried first: trial pilot hole drilled! Zero drain on the electricity, Whoot!
  • A hand drill that is awesome

    Harriet B, 8/6/2020 A hand drill is so useful for precision & light duty work. It is faster to drill a hole in the drywall with this than an electric drill, because you don't have to find an extension cord or a charged battery. Garrett Wade makes a high quality tool that I plan to keep for a life time.
  • A great drill, though cosmetically not perfect

    John M, 6/21/2020 There are sadly few choices for decent hand drills. I purchased this mini hand drill to have around in case I needed to do small repairs, as well as to fix a broken speaker cabinet. It worked fine for the task, and I appreciated the fact that the crank can be reached from any angle, though it was a little tricky to align it perfectly level. I am happy to report it appears to be high-quality and feels solid, and it's great that it's made in Germany. However, it arrived in a plain cardboard box with no packing inside (the larger box around it had plenty of padding) and had rattled around in shipping, chipping small amounts of the paint off the driving gear and handle. The handle also had some impressions on it, perhaps from manufacturing

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the German-Made Hand Drill. We're happy to hear you are enjoying it! However, please feel free to return it using the label which was included with a request for a replacement which has been looked over by our product specialist. We would like for you to have one in perfect condition!.
  • Awesome

    Jon.M, 6/20/2020 Exactly what I was looking for. Works great THANK YOU!!!
  • Cool

    Bill, 5/2/2020 So cool always wanted one this is so perfect for me thank you
  • Handy

    Tracey Taylor, 4/26/2020 Handy addition for those smaller jobs, lightweight and no hassle
  • Small is Beautiful

    Dennis Konopka, 3/18/2020 Sometimes small is better , and this little drill proves it .POWER DRILLS ARE INDISPENSABLE FOR BIG JOBS .Hobby work entails small parts and precise clearances .
    This drill fits those requirements to a tee .
  • Perfect precision tool

    Rachel, 3/7/2020 I manage a violin repair shop, where much of the work still requires 17th century technology. We purchased this hand drill for the shop and some of our more precise projects (specifically, drilling a bushing inside the stick of a bow). The tool arrived quickly, is made to withstand the test of time, and has already been used for multiple projects.
  • nice antique reproduction

    CHIP, 12/4/2019 nice historical drill but lacked a couple antique elements. All in All a solid return to old tools
  • Awesomely Rewarding

    Troy, 8/13/2019 Very cool! Much more efficient/quicker doing a repetitive quarter of a turn from the bottom position in lieu of full turns. Awesomely smooth and extremely rewarding!
  • Great quality

    Diana , 6/12/2019 My young woodworker class will love working with these hand drills.
  • Handy!

    Kelly S., 5/3/2019 Great little handy German quality drill.
  • What a wonderful little drill!

    Doug Gillis , 5/2/2019 I have been looking for this type of hand drill for several years. I used one of these when in the Navy in the 1960’s. I’m glad I found this web site. The other tool I noticed is the yankee driver. I have an old one that doesn’t work that well and glad I found a place to purchase a replacement.
  • Mini drill

    Knight, Richard, 4/14/2019 Great little hand drill.
  • German-Made Hand Drill

    John Hendricks, 4/7/2019 I ordered the smaller of the two hand drills. When I received it I was pleased to find that it is a very well made piece of machinery. I would highly recommend this product.
  • Excellent Drills

    Gerald Davis, 4/5/2019 I ordered both and they are really nice. Very smooth operation of the wheels and the chucks. I am very happy.
  • Glad I bought this

    Robert, 2/24/2019 My Grandson's first drill. He will learn how to use it and other hand tools as we work on projects together.
  • drill

    Nate, 1/4/2019 great quality, smooth working, heavy duty, exactly what I was looking for
  • German-Made Hand Drill

    James, 1/3/2019 Excellent !!!
  • Mini German Hand Drill

    Karen, 12/24/2018 So nice to have a quality tool in-hand, and so affordable!-Thank You.
  • large hand drill

    ken , 12/10/2018 the large drill seems to be built well, operates very smooth. shipping was quick, thanks
  • Great drill

    John Bishop, 11/22/2018 This is a great hand drill, heavy weight & made to last. The hand crank turns so smoothly. Can't wait to use it. Was more impressed that Garrett Wade actually got the correct product to me, undamaged & on time. Not like previous years!
  • Hand Drills

    jimel, 10/27/2018 A quality hand drill
  • hand drill

    Jason Baldes, 8/23/2018 I am very pleased with the drill, exactly what I needed!
  • Mini Hand Drill

    Kevin Kelley, 8/4/2018 The old one lasted me near 50 years - still sorta usable. The only real difference is the old one had a 4 jaw chuck. Anyway great tool.
  • Hand drill

    William Rust, 7/20/2018 The drill works well. I haven't used one in decades, but I was doing a project I had promised to only use hand tools. I was using a drill guide. The hand drill was better than a power drill and did not tear up the drill guide hole. I found it was important to keep the drill speed up to cut properly. A little wax on the bit was a plus to remove chip waste and keep the bit from gouging. I also nipped my index finger on the bevel gears. No damage done, but I had to learn to keep my hands clear of the works.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the German-Made Hand Drills. We're sorry to hear that you hurt your finger! But pleased to hear that you are happy with the drills.
  • Well made.

    Randall Shores, 7/14/2018 Very well made. Operates very smoothly. Totally satisfied.
  • Beautiful German-Made Hand Drills

    Charles Sheffield, 7/7/2018 I love handrills, especially egg beater ones. A power drill has it's place, but is often too powerful and can drill too big of a hole. I just used this drill on a install of a mini-blind and it was the perfect tool for the job!!! I love them!
  • Mini "Yankee" Push Screwdriver

    Charles Sheffield, 7/7/2018 Wonderful Drill! It made putting up horizontal mini shades a lot easier. The only challenge I found was on a regular screw and keeping it in the screw slot only when unscrewing. Screwing in a screw no such challenge and made the job go much faster and kept me from tiring. A wonderful power drill alternative!
  • Worth the buy

    Scott Neer, 6/10/2018 Awesome little tool for smaller projects!
  • Mini Hand Drill

    Cole Stevens, 5/5/2018 Well made precision drill, worth every penny! Perfect for my guitar building and delicate instrument repairs. I love it!
  • Larger German-Made Hand Drill

    Norman Stauffer, 12/11/2017 The German made hand drill is a much better tool to use on certain projects than a power drill. For example on thinner stock near edges where splitting may occur or on projects where you don't want to drill all the way through. the drill is easier to control than.
  • Needed a modification

    Michael A. Cafolla, 12/2/2017 I have the larger hand drill and I too had a problem with the handle loosening while turning the crank. After making sure it was level on my drill press table, I drilled a hole through the ferrule and drove in a roll pin. Now a 5 star drill !
  • Who needs a BMW?

    Raymond Mendez, 11/14/2017 Sweet. German engineering at its finest.
  • German made hand drills-small and large

    Patrick Gillen, 10/29/2017 My father had a set of these from the 40's. They were all metal except the handles and pretty heavy duty. Perhaps pre-dating household electric drills. These are excellent. Great for small projects when you want accuracy and perfection not time savings, is the issue. Really like these.
  • Hand drill handles need a redesign.

    Priius Sõdalane, 10/17/2017 Overall i was very pleased with this purchase, the drills work great for lighter duty woodworking. However, I am a little disappointed in the design if the handle. When you need to apply a little more pressure to the crank the handle tends to loosen. Which really takes the accuracy out of your holes, having to retighten the handle and continue drilling. It should have been designed to be reverse threaded, to midigate that issue. All in all, i am still happy with the drills, theres just a little bit if a learning curve on how much pressure can be applied to keep the handle from loosening.
  • The perfect manual drill

    Judy Meagher, 10/16/2017 I love this little drill! I was looking for a manual drill to use when I bind books—some hardcover designs call for this. It is a joy to use and performs flawlessly. It is beautifully crafted and of excellent quality. Can’t beat the price or your excellent, fast delivery. Thank you so much!
  • Excellent tool for small projects

    Kathryn, 8/18/2017 This is a perfect drill for the small wooden dolls that I create. Using power tools was too much for working with something that is only 3 1/2" tall at the most. I love the drill! Also customer service was awesome - you called me back and talked to me in person, answering all my questions. Thank you very much!
  • A well made hand drill

    Robert Jones, 7/11/2017 Being in my mid 60's, i have some of the hand tools that my dad, a finish carpenter, used to use. They were all hand operated, not electrical. He did not have a drill like this though. It is a wonderful piece of equipment that I will cherish. No power, no problem. LOL
  • German Made Hand Drills

    Ron Petroni, 7/1/2017 Great tools for us woodworkers who build small projects. Some of us still use brads and small screws and do not want to use electric drills .
  • Mini Hand Drill

    Ron Petroni, 7/1/2017 Great tool for us who work on smaller projects. Don't always want to use power drills and this tool is great for small woodworking projects that require small holes and fasteners. Yes, some of us still use brass nails and screws to hold things together.
  • The old, Made NEW . . .

    Philip, 6/26/2017 As a Craftsman, I have strived to Balance between Old School And Modern Technology. There are reasons for Both. I already own a 60 year old Brace & Bit, but I always borrowed my Fathers "Egg Beater" drill. Seeing this one, and that is Manufactured in Germany, I knew it would meet Every Expectation I presented to it. I enjoy its quietness, the gears mesh very smoothly, As they Must & were Designed that Way. The 3 jaw Chuck is nicely machined as well. All in All, this is becoming my Favorite New Tool.
  • Hand drill

    Don Steigel, 4/17/2017 Well made, no frills, dependable.
  • German Made Hand Drills

    Ruth, 4/14/2017 Works well, and lovely to look at. Good bargain overall!
  • German hand drill

    Joe Thomas, 4/9/2017 Works great. Very smooth and accurate. Compact enough to fit easily in my smaller toolbag.
  • Mini Hand Drill

    Ed Cordwell, 4/9/2017 Well made --a quality tool worth the money
  • Large hand drill

    Heath, 3/10/2017 This is an excellent tool. I enjoy crafting items by hand, and this is a great addition to the other tools I have.
  • Great bargain

    John Hepburn , 3/7/2017 Fantastic hand drill well made
  • Hand drill with good workmanship.

    Frank Quaratiello, 2/17/2017 Excellent tool when added to my collection of actual hand tools. It fills the spot which was needed for my work.
  • Perfectly happy even if tool prices leave me mystified

    Matthew Mabey, 2/4/2017 My wife is already coveting my new drill. It appears to be completely serviceable, but I don't understand why one of these costs $50 when there are loads of perfectly good electric drills (battery and corded) that sell from $20 to $50. But I wanted a hand-powered drill like my dad had when I was young and now I have one, so I am happy.
  • Perfect for what we need!

    Jennifer Forbes, 1/24/2017 Love this tool! We are currently renovating a 1972 Airstream and found out pretty quickly that an electric drill would go straight through both layers of aluminum in a snap. We've now been using the hand drill and it's perfect. We can know just when to stop the drill to prevent going too far. And I have to say, I love tools without motors!
  • Wife couldn't be more pleased with her x-mas gift.

    larry Franzen, 1/15/2017 Purchased for wife who doesn't understand how electric drills are used on small projects. She loves it. It has smooth gears and is as easy to use as a manual egg mixer. She can even keep the hole straight. This was her favorite Christmas gift.
  • Beginning woodworkers

    Tim Collins, 12/20/2016 I purchased 2 of the small hand drills for my grandsons who are just getting into some carpentry projects at age 11. The drills are small enough for their hands and the bits( another purchase) are very sharp and precise. They will enjoy these for years to come and , hopefully, add to their Wade Garrett collection as they grow.Really good buy for even, young aspiring woodworkers!
  • These are fantastic!

    Phillip , 12/14/2016 a great find and excellent product!!
  • Great buy!

    Ed, 11/13/2016 Solid, well made and will outlast me!
  • Awesome drill

    Chad, 10/14/2016 I bought the Mini Drill to use for my various guitar projects where power tools are just asking for trouble. It's exactly what I hoped it would be. The chuck easily handles my stop-depth bits and, the action is very smooth, and the drill is light enough to not cause hand/arm fatigue. It's a well-built tool that feels like something I'll never need to replace. I highly recommend it!
  • Like it a lot

    Michael Smith, 8/26/2016 Got the bigger drill. This is for use on a sailboat, for little repairs and the usual pottering, out on the water when there's no house current available. It's obviously well built and solid, and feels good under my hand -- gears mesh smoothly and it's isn't tinny and flimsy. I worry about the effect of salt air, but that's up to me to deal with.
  • This drill is built like they use to make tools!

    Wags, 8/16/2016 Nicely built mini drill. Made very well as I expected from Germany. Tight gears, sturdy build. I would recommend this drill for anyone. Great for tiny, small precision work.
  • This tool perfect for tiny holes

    stephen mangold, 8/13/2016 This small hand drill is perfect for use with those tiny (smaller than 1/16") drill bits that break easily in heavier drills. It is also very easy to control depth of pilot holes for tiny screws. I am a luthier and when I install a tuner on a guitar I need to drill 1/4 inch pilot holes for tiny screws without drilling completely through the wood. Not easy to do with a heavy motor operated device but easily accomplished with this hand drill.
  • Strong and sturdy

    Mr. Wagner, 8/8/2016 Heavy and sturdy. Made solid. Gears seem tight. This is how tools use to be made. Nice wooden handles add the perfect touch. I would recommend this drill. Great for hobby projects.
  • Solid drill

    Henry Thomas, 7/9/2016 Tried the larger drill today and went through some 1/2 inch thick ipe wood which is rock hard without any fuss!
  • OK so far.

    Greg, 7/4/2016 I tried the "mini"out making a few small pilot holes .Worked great.
    The handle on the larger drill had a tendency to loosen when drilling larger holes.
    This might correct as I gain experience?I Tightened it as much as I dared for fear of stripping threads.
    Products arrived on time and were well packed.
    Not ready to return but might me if handle situation doesn't correct.
  • German hand drill

    Robert Allen, 7/2/2016 Worked just like I hoped it would.
  • Excellent German Tool

    Marc, 5/17/2016 Have to love German craftsmanship. Very well made, very smooth drill. Very handy for small jobs, like building wooden ship models. Definitely a great tool.
  • Great little drill

    Tom, 5/15/2016 Great little drill for small projects, smooth operation and well made.
  • Great drill for kids

    Jonathan, 3/7/2016 This is a great little hand drill for kids. Perfect size for the hands. The gears aren't as smooth as I would hope, but it is still a nice product.
  • Great Hand Drill

    Anna Shumate, 3/4/2016 Love how it works, great for jewelry making! Smooth drill and dependable - you can feel the quality when you get it in.
  • Wish the crank handle was wooden

    Mike M., 1/30/2016 Firstly, this deserves 5 stars. HOWEVER, I do wish that the manufacturer had opted for a wooden crank handle instead of the plastic one it comes with (you can see it in the photos). It really would have been more aesthetically pleasing.

    Functionally flawless. You'll never throw this away, but you might try to make a wooden handle for it.
  • Great tool, fast delivery!

    Nanny 1961, 12/12/2015 Bought 2 small hand drills for Christmas presents. Loved it so much, going to order 2 more, 1 for me. Soooo easy to use! Can't beat German made tools!
  • A Very Good Drill

    Edward Sierzenga, 10/9/2015 This small drill, I bought the smaller one of the two, is wonderful. Working on wooden ship models it is very useful to me. Power is not always the best choice for some jobs. It is a very well made tool with fine workmanship and smooth working gears. It is light weight and easy to but bit on drill spot, hold and then drill the hole. You can start out very slowly on speed turning the handle and thus the bit stays put. The very high quality of this drill makes you remember what good tools should look like, feel like,and work like. I love it and the cost was very small for the tool you will have.
  • Great Quality

    Dave B, 9/21/2015 I really enjoy the old tried and true methods of woodworking. This drill is a great addition to my collection.
  • Frozen

    Patrick, 3/21/2015 The mini brace worked great for me for its dedicated job of drilling inlay holes for the fret markers on the side of a classical guitar fretboard, and then one day when it came off its storage shelf, the gears were frozen and would not turn without great effort. I am writing this as I sit down to order another from GW, in hopes that the first deep freeze was a fluke.
  • Hand Drill

    Jim Pond, 3/21/2015 Used on gun stocks and other wood projects that require something other than a powered drill. Works perfectly and gives better control.
  • Small Hand Drill

    Lonnie Kreiter, 11/17/2014 Nice smaller drill that seems to operate very smoothly and easy with no unevenness that I have seen on some larger models. Very smooth and quiet too.
  • Schroeder Makes Three Versions of These Hand Drills - All Excellent

    Steven, 11/7/2014 The two models of the Schroeder hand drill sold by Garrett are advertised as single pinion hand drills and in fact they are just that. They are meant for light to medium hand drilling in wood and light metals. I have them both and they work very well for their intended purpose. As always, using the correct and sharp drill bit is just as important as the drill itself for successful drilling. Schroeder does make a double pinion drill which uses the same cast drill body as the larger single pinion drill but it is still a very different drill meant for medium to heavier duty drilling. In addition to the double pinions the main crank wheel gear has a much heavier mass - it is heavier, more substantial to maintain rotation with less effort once it gets up to speed. Next, it has a much larger handle to support heavier drilling by providing for a full hand grip for crank wheel rotation. I also have this model. Again, it is excellent. The axiom of using the right tool for the job holds true. It sounds like a couple of reviewers are trying to use the lighter duty drills for heavier drilling or perhaps are using inappropriate drill bits. Paint on the main crank gear wheel is irrelevant. These wheels, after being cast, are milled for excellent meshing with the pinion gear, be it single or double pinion. These drills, all three models, are excellent and work extremely well when using sharp drill bits of the right type and for the type of drilling for which each model is made. The only lament I have is that Garrett does not sell the heavier duty double pinion model of this Schroeder hand drill family. However, it can be bought elsewhere. All three of these drill have a smooth rotational action, easy to turn, work great and I have been using them for quite some time and well pleased with their quality and function.
  • Schroeder Hand Drills

    Jarod Hillyard, 9/3/2014 I want to start off this review by mentioning that I purchased both of these German Hand Drills from Garrett Wade. When I received my first one, I knew I needed the larger one, too. They're just that well made. They ooze quality and have an ultra smooth action that can only be matched by antique versions of these tools that cost much more. As a traditional hand made knife maker, I drill thousands of holes a month and have no doubt this will be the only way I'll be doing it from now on. Pair these with a sharp set of bits, whether traditional fluted, regular, or Brad point bits, and you'll have a set of traditional tools that can't be beat. No more waiting for batteries to charge or run out on you half way way through the job. No more dealing with cumbersome extension cords to get tangled up in. These tools deliver exactly as promised. You can feel the quality with each rotation of the crank handle. Simple single pinion gearing ensures you won't feel the 'snagging' feeling that double pinion models can sometimes be notorious for. If you're looking for a safe, old-world, and convenient way of drilling spectacular and accurate holes in wood and other materials, look no further. Thanks Garrett Wade. This is the reason I always come back for all my tool needs.
  • Superb

    Gene Garrison, 6/24/2014 I have used for rugged work and fine modeling. They work every bit as well as more expensive ones.
  • Hand Drill

    Umberto, 6/9/2014 I purchased the small German made Hand Drill. Good quality item. Happy with his performance.
  • Great Quality

    Oliver, 5/15/2014 This tool is well-worth buying. Great precision , great quality. Perfect mechanism simple and durable , very easy to use :)
  • I own both of these Schroder eggbeater hand drills - 5 stars all the way!

    Steven, 3/17/2014 Whether drilling pilot holes or doing exact precision drilling in fine woods, both of these single pinion eggbeater hand drills will do the job well. They both work smoothly with no runout - they drill round holes. :-) For the larger drill Schroder does make a dual pinion model which is identical to the larger single pinion model but has the second pinion gear added. I also have the dual pinion model but so Garrett Wade doesn't carry it. When and if they do, it is also a 5 star drill. You can't go wrong with either of these two drills and with the two sizes they do complement each other. Also, the price is more than reasonable given the high quality.
  • Hand Drill

    Russell , 3/15/2014 Well worth the Money. This works great for woodworking.
  • Solid Handtool

    Marc R Keith, 2/20/2014 This is a well built hand drill. The chuck works well and is easy to operate when switching bits. The size is just right for small box construction. This is a quality product and for the price I would highly recommend it.
  • Craftsman

    Scott, 2/20/2014 I ordered the mini hand drill, and what a great purchase,it's light weight yet tough and I don't have to worry about extension cords and a bulky battery pack drill with battery's I have to wait on to do a job. I just grab my mini drill for those small jobs,and job done...ThankYou Garrett Wade what a great investment. Scott Glenfield NY
  • Replacement

    Kent Morrison, 12/19/2013 The hand drill is a gift to my 83 year old father-in-law. He has been looking to replace some of his tools that his father handed down to him and hurricane Ike took away. Most sought after by him was the hand drill. This precision tool has the craftsmanship he admired about his original. This tool will someday be given to his great grandson I'm sure.
  • Great

    Stan Carder, 12/1/2013 This hand drill is of high quality and will be a welcome tool to my son & son-in-laws tool chest.
  • Outstanding Hand Drill

    Daniel, 11/7/2013 This is a great drill for fine and precision wood work, especially where power drills are too brutal. The drill works effortlessly and even very well at an angle. I am very happy I purchased it because I have more control without the grain tear out.
  • Hand Drill

    Ron Bradford, 10/17/2013 I found exactly what I was looking for in the German made larger hand drill. Price was decent, shipping was prompt and my satisfaction level is a 5 out of 5
  • Hand Drills

    Jacquelyn Taylor-Boggs, 10/14/2013 My dad had a drill like this. Glad to find one. It is a great portable solution for hard to access areas and quick jobs. Sturdy construction.
  • Great Price for a Well Made Tool.

    Steve Tripp, 7/1/2013 I've had a few of the double pinion drills before and they seem to end up as single pinions. I've used the large drill regularly and after tightening up the top handle it's a great smooth working tool. The fit and finish are great.
  • Get this if you ever drill pilot holes

    Sue, 6/25/2013 I got this drill partly for nostalgia's sake, as I remember a very similar one on my Mom's tool kit. I got the smaller version because I'm more likely to use it for drilling small pilot holes. For anything larger I'd pull out the electric drill. For this purpose, it's almost perfect. It takes very small bits and makes a satisfying whirring sound. The handle is not quite as ergonomically designed as I'd like, but all in all it's a nice addition to my collection. As a bonus, you can use this to teach your kids (or grandkids) about gears.
  • Large Hand Drill

    Bob, 1/15/2013 I purchased a cheaper hand drill and had to return it due to quality issues. I then bought this drill and the difference is night and day. This is a tool to leave on the bench with some brad point bits. It drills quickly and is fun to use.
  • Precision holes are what I needed.

    DuckPaddle, 1/6/2013 I started with the smaller hand drill with the intention using it for starter holes. I found the accuracy of my work was greatly improved over using an automatic center punch. I also discovered that even drilling steel was easy with this hand tool. I stepped up to the larger drill and frequently find it much more useful than the electric powered ones. In fact while working on a particular job my partner saw me installing a bit on it and said I going to the truck .... not using that 18th century technology!" Well by the time he got back I had all 5 holes drilled and tapped in exactly the right spot! I showed him how for soft materials you could chuck up a tap and make quick work of threads in the field. I am totally delighted with this tool and very pleased with the craftsmanship and balance. Plus the fact I enjoy doing the work "old school"!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, George!!
  • Small Drill Bits

    Phil Armstrong, 10/14/2012 I needed a hand drill that could handle small drill bits and this was just the item.
  • Smooth

    Dave S, 8/7/2012 This drill has very smooth action. I'm very pleased with the purchase as I know have a good set of alternatives (this plus the Yankee drill) to using electric drills.
  • Great product, great service

    Hugh, 6/30/2012
  • Tool Box favorite

    Bernhard, 2/17/2012 This great drill lives in my travel tool box. Great to know the battery" is always charged when I am out of the shop. Runs smoothly. Nearly as fast as a battery drill for smaller holes and a pleasure to use."
  • German hand drill

    Glen Jacobson, 12/30/2011 I had tried other less expensive hand drills and returned them due to faults. This hand drill works smoothly and true. It's a joy to use!
  • Excellent quality

    Carl, 2/12/2011 I ordered both the regular and small drill(s). These are of excellent quality and are super performers! I use them for a variety of task and they are welcome additions to my tool chest! Thank you for finding and selling a very fine product!
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