Beautiful 6-Levers Antique Locks

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Clearance Beautiful 6-Levers Antique Locks
Over 70+ years old – Fully Functional and Great Conversation Pieces
58E02.03 Beautiful 6-Levers Antique Locks

Available 09/27/2020


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It’s amazing the things you come across when you scour old New England flea markets and auctions. On a recent foraging trip to some favorite haunts in central Massachusetts, we found a trove of antique locks. These are beautiful, working tools, great to have around as a conversation piece, a vintage desktop tchotchke, or even for locking up small items in style (we don’t recommend using these for valuables, as they aren’t high-security by today’s standards). We are offering three styles here, all with their original (or working) keys.

We have very limited quantities, once these are gone, we can’t guarantee we will get more.

Note: when you order one of these locks, what you receive will be like a surprise grab-bag. You will pick one of the three types and we will randomly select the specific lock.

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