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Sale Beautiful Table-Top and Hanging Oil Lamps
now also available in a new larger size
87A01.02 8" Brass & Copper Oil Lamp

Available 04/15/2021

Regular Price: $67.70

Special Price $57.55

87A01.15 8" Brass & Stainless Steel Lamp

Available 04/15/2021

Regular Price: $73.50

Special Price $62.50

87A01.01 8" All Brass Oil Table Lamp

Available 04/15/2021

Regular Price: $59.95

Special Price $50.90

86A03.18 10" All Brass Oil Lamp

Available 04/01/2021

Regular Price: $79.85

Special Price $67.90

87A01.25 Brass Wall Mount

Available 04/15/2021


56A02.06 Copper Funnel- Medium

Available 02/15/2021


87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)

Available 04/15/2021


87A01.11 Replacement Glass for 8" Lamp

In stock


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These beautiful Solid Brass lamps are now available in two sizes: Standard (8") and Large (10"), and will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. The standard 8" size is also available in two additional models: Brass/Copper and Brass/Stainless Steel (S.S.). The design for each of these is exactly the same, as the metals are the only difference. Which one appeals to you is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Exquisitely made by hand, both are traditional and classic and will look great whether displayed on a table surface or hanging from the special Brass Wall Mount, which fits either size. The solid Copper Filling Funnel is an excellent optional item, and helps when adding fuel on all oil lamps. Fuel is easily available locally.

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Overall Rating
  • Oil Lamp

    Karen Kerns, 12/29/2020 Nicely made. My son in law loves it!
  • Oil lamp funnel

    Michael Schmitzerle, 11/23/2020 Very well made. The funnel functions as advertised and works perfectly.
  • strong solid quite frankly so well surprised it's so SOLID HEAVY

    amiel, 11/1/2020 so i am compelled to write this review because.... this solid brass lantern is exactly what i wanted SOLID . i have bought other quality brass lanterns in the past and have been pleased but none come close to how heavy and well built the lantern is. some of my better lanterns had some solder issues and because i'm a dyi it's no big deal.... i tell you one thing this item is so well built you'll never have a solder or leak issue Ever.... actually so impressed i'm buying four brass and stainless steel for my home
  • Copper Funnel, medium, very well made

    John, 8/12/2020 Looking for a copper funnel for my collection of Paraffin Oil Lamps. I'm fussy and all I found looked junky, high priced. Found this funnel here, looked good, after seeing the pricey junk thought this was very good price, took a chance. It's great super well made in India, very heavy duty, excellent solder job and finishing
  • Oil Lamp

    Bill, 5/20/2020 Just as advertised. I really enjoy the look of it. Shipping was kind of slow or I would have given it five stars.
  • Copper fill funnel

    William, 12/4/2018 Nicely made copper fill funnel. Could be used for any lamp or lantern.
  • Copper fill funnel

    Larry, 4/13/2018 Received item in timely manner and was happy with purchase.
  • OK, made in India, not Wales.

    Andre Boening, 12/29/2017 The plate on the lamp says it is "BEAMISH LAMP" and implies it is made in Wales or a town called MAGHOGANYDRIFT". The box clearly says made in India. No instructions.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Oil Lamp. This lamp is a Welsh reproduction which has been manufactured in India. We're sorry it didn't come with instructions. We'll get them right out to you.

  • Can't touch lamp once lit

    Bret, 11/16/2017 Lamp burns so hot that you cannot touch any part of it once it's been lit. The poor design means that you cannot hold the lamp from the handle and I'm concerned about the post we hang it from. This is a decorative element and not a functional lantern.
  • Great looking lamp--perfectly functional

    David, 1/20/2017 I replaced a lamp that was 'kept' after safekeeping at my moms home-- she really liked it that much. I purchased the copper /brass and it does look great lit or unlit as the description states. The copper darkens a bit with the heat giving it a rich deeper glow.
  • Nice

    Beth, 12/26/2016 Beautiful lamp
  • High Heat

    Raul Chavez, 12/16/2016 The lamps in themselves are beautiful. They produce sufficient light and give an elegante look to the table. The construction of the lamps is strudy and the finish is well done. The problem that I see is that the heat produced on the top section of the lamp is high. You cannot touch it and have to caution others not to touch it for you will get a serios burn. The reservoir is rathe small and does not hold much fuel. Good product but use caution.
  • Oil Lamp wicks

    Woody J. , 7/12/2016 Since I bought several of the 8 1/2" and 7" Brass oil lamps I felt it was best to order extra wicks at the same time. When I unpacked the items I actually tried several new wicks in the oil lamps and they fit perfectly. Now I don't have to worry about running out anytime soon.
  • Brass Lamp review

    Woody J. , 7/12/2016 Originally I wasn't intending to buy the lamps but then I thought Christmas isn't that far away. So I bought two of the 8 1/2" and two 7" brass lamps for gifts. After receiving the lamps and unpacking them, some folks just lost out on great Christmas gifts since I am keeping them for myself. I may loan them out but that is as far as it goes. They are are well made and I like the way they are made. I bought extra wicks and plan on using the lamps in the next 30 days or so. Having grown up using oil and kerosene lamps and lanterns on a farm, I know the importance of placing the lamps on a secondary surface so they don't cause problems with furniture, Also these will be great light backups if the power goes out. This review also applies to the 7" Brass Oil Lamps I bought
  • Nice Lamp

    MICHAEL, 6/3/2016 Many years ago I purchased a similar 10" miner's lamp made in Wales, UK, from Garrett Wade. I have always been impressed by its quality and recently decided to purchase another. However, Garrett Wade no longer carries that lamp. I bought two of the 8 1/2" brass & copper lamps instead for a little less than the cost of the 10" lamp. My guess is that the 8 1/2" lamps, which are made in India, are patterned after the 10" lamp. Although the fit and finish of the 8 1/2" lamps is not the same quality as the 10" lamp and they don't have the same functionality (e.g. there is no external wick adjustment) they are nice lamps for the money. My only complaint is that the glass in one of the lamps was broken when I received it. I promply returned it for an exchange which was to be shipped to me within 2-3 business days. However, that was over two weeks ago and I haven't heard back from Garrett Wade. I believe the lamp deserves a solid four stars but knocked the rating down to reflect the service.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass & Copper Oil Lamp. We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t received the replacement lamp yet. Unfortunately, it is out of stock until 9/20/2016. The item number in our records shows a replacement order for 87A01.02, the 8-1/2” Lamp. We apologize that you weren’t notified about the delay. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Oil lamp

    Timothy, 3/7/2016 Received my new lamp and was amazed by the quality and craftsman ship as soon as I removed it from the box. Absolutely love it.
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