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Beautiful Visual Wood Cube Puzzles
$ 62.30 84.50
These wooden cube puzzles are beautifully made and will provide your young ones with hours of fun, all without looking at a digital screen. Three different sets, each with different images, offer a wide variety of scenes to create.

The Farmyard Set has 20 cubes. But with this large set, every side of every block shows just part of the whole painting; there are six possible complete panoramas in all. The objective is to arrange the blocks to display the farm scene intact: plowing a field, apple picking, etc.

The Farm Set has 12 cubes. But in this case, every side of every block shows just part of a whole painting. The objective is to assemble the blocks to display the farm scene intact - feeding the chickens, working in the vegetable patch, etc. There is a total of six possible completed scenes. Although not as challenging as the Farmyard Set, the results are lovely, and very pleasing to the eye.

Lastly we have the Professions Set of 16 cubs that assemblies to portray 6 different jobs, from woodworker to baker with quite the variety in between. Beautifully precision made in Europe.
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