Beautiful Wood Cube Puzzles

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Beautiful Wood Cube Puzzles
Presented in a wood box with clear sliding top
Keep kids entertained during holiday travel!
54B01.06 New Mosaic Puzzle

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54B01.02 Mosaic Cube Set

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54B01.04 Animal Puzzle

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The Mosaic Set has 25 cubes. All are exactly the same pattern - 4 sides with different solid colors and two sides with two colors (red/yellow and blue/green). There are thousands of possible pattern combinations. (A card enclosed shows only 9 of them.) Just imagine the fun creating more.

The New Mosaic Set has 16 cubes, all with exactly the same pattern: 4 sides with different solid colors and two sides with two colors (red/white and blue/yellow). There are hundreds of possible pattern combinations. Just imagine the fun in creating them.

The Animal Set has 9 blocks. The goal with this one is to assemble all nine blocks to complete the painting of a single animal: duck, parrot, heron, etc.—for a total of six.

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Overall Rating
  • Imagination stimulated

    JA Will, 12/14/2018 Stimulates the imagination. Probably for a 3 year old or older
  • Beautiful toy

    Jackie, 4/7/2017 Beautifully made, and looks like it will last through a few grandkids.
  • Old fashioned toys are the best!

    Jackie, 4/7/2017 The good old toys are still around because they were made right, and kids truly loved them.
  • Blocks

    Sakura, 3/27/2017 Excellent quality and details above reproach. Great for kids to learn how to see in different angles and scenes.
  • Beautiful Wood Cube Puzzles

    Thomas Barrett, 3/24/2017 Love these puzzles--what's not to love? Takes me back, of course, being kind of an old guy by the calendar (OK, I'm admitting to 69). Can't wait to introduce my grandson to these puzzles, for one of which there is never a wrong answer! And the other one is a nice little teaching tool. You can't beat that.
  • Quality and beauty that kids and adults will both enjoy

    Glenn, 3/14/2017 This is a very high quality children's toy. The graphics are truly amazing and the blocks are so precisely cut that the assembled group looks like a picture. Great toy for 2 years old and up.
  • Great product

    Les, 10/11/2016 I think the product is the perfect size, great for travel. The puzzle is well made, the colors are bright and is attractive to young children as well as an adult.

  • Love it

    Angie C, 3/4/2016 Very well made. It would be nice if it was a little bigger, but this brings back very fond memories of playing with a similar toy in my childhood. Love it.
  • Play Time

    Ingrid Duchemin, 11/8/2014 This puzzle is a wonderful memories at my kids. The best you can buy to go away from too much electronics.
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