European Beechwood Dibber & Row Stakes with Jute Twine

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Sale European Beechwood Dibber & Row Stakes with Jute Twine
Beautifully Shaped Planting Tools Made in France
18B03.01 Beech Dibber

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18B03.02 Line Marker Set (Pr.)

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18B03.20 Dibber & Line Marker Set

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87B01.05 Jute Twine

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Use this pair of Beechwood Row Stakes with our Natural Jute Twine to ensure straight rows in your vegetable garden. The Stakes are an extra long 15" to ensure they will stay in place. These beautiful stakes, made in the Jura Region of France, are lightly oiled for added durability. Drive them into each end of a desired row and then wrap our Jute Twine around the end of these 15" Markers. A 155 ft. roll of natural Jute Twine is included with each pair of Stakes.
We suggest using this trio in tandem with our classic 10" Beechwood Planting Dibber, included in the set. The advantage of a Dibber is its ability to give you both a shallow furrow for seeds, or deeper divots for bulbs. For a seed furrow, simply scratch the soil to your desired row-depth. For bulbs, push the Dibber into soft earth, withdraw, place the bulb, and then push dirt to overfill. To help gauge hole depth, the Dibber has handy, grooved demarcation lines in 1" increments up the shank.

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