Beechwood Handled Garden Edging Tool

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Beechwood Handled Garden Edging Tool
43A01.02 36" Beechwood Edger

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For those gardeners who value super-clean edges around their flower beds and paths, an edging tool is a must. Our is made in Europe with a 36" long Beechwood handle and a 5" deep and 7" wide all steel blade. It produces clean good-looking result efficiently. Push the cutting edge in the soil with your shoe or boot. Rotate the blade right and left, lift it out of the cut and move on to the next. It’s that simple and that efficient. It’s a dream.

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  • Cheap tool

    Pete, 7/13/2020 I can see why priced so low. I used to cut a clean edge between the grass and the black rubber/plastic lawn edging that separates the lawn and mulched length maybe 50 feet. The blade cuts well but bends easily. I've already had to straighten the blade twice. I'm afraid if the blade hits an unseen underground root, its weld may begin to crack. If I had to buy it again, I'd spend a bit more and buy a spade.
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