Behlen Solar Lux (NGR) Dye Stain

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Behlen Solar Lux (NGR) Dye Stain
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Solar-Lux (NGR) Aniline Dye Stain is a premixed stain formulated with water soluble, pre-metallic aniline dyes (for maximum color stability) together with a special solvent mixture that contains practically no water. These stains do not raise the grain of your wood. They produce the clarity and light fastness of water aniline stains, dry almost as rapidly as alcohol stains, and can even be added to lacquer to produce transparent toners. The various colors can be mixed and the color intensity can be reduced with Solar-Lux Reducer. An extraordinarily fine dye stain with many distinct advantages for the woodworker, we recommend you take the time to learn how to use it. It comes in pints and can be brushed, wiped or sprayed. Non-toxic when dry.

Solar-Lux Reducer may be mixed in any proportion with Solar-Lux Stain to reduce color intensity. Quarts

Solar-Lux Retarder can be added (sparingly) to slow drying time and help to prevent lap marks. Pints

View a Behlen Solar Lux (NGR) Dye Stain Color Guide.

NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.

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  • Behlen Stain

    Mark Bilyeu, 1/18/2015 I love this stuff. My grandfather was a carpenter and crafted furniture. This stuff reminds me of that. Gives it an old authentic look.
  • Beautiful depth of color

    Mary Jo, 1/4/2013 User should read about this dye, & decide how much to mix up for a large project. The reducer was perfect for giving me time to apply the dye, & getting the right color. I ordered a darker color & added enough reducer to get my color. It is more work, but the results are worth the finished look. I applied my blend by hand as it gave me more control. Apply with brush along grain & wipe with cotton rag.
  • True Black

    Michael C., 11/2/2012 After trying many brands of dyes and stains to get a true, deep, jet black color, I discovered Solar Lux and have not used any other product since. In my sculpting business, people often think the jet black applied to maple is black granite. The quality is consistent and works wonders for the sale of my sculptures.
  • Color Change

    Chris Ungaro, 9/28/2012 I used to buy this stain in Medium brown mahogany" all the time when I refinished furniture and it was always VERY red...too red for being supposedly brown. Now when I ordered it and wanted the reddish color it is now actually a perfect "medium brown mahogany". They must have changed the color formulation and made it what it is supposed to be...but it is different from what it was and from what I was expecting."
  • Secret Stain of The Old Masters

    Stuart McCaskill, 2/16/2012 Restoring an antique with red mahogany finish and want original museum quality color? Behlen Solar Lux NGR Stain in Medium Brown Mahogany is the EXACT color of almost all 1880 - 1950 Red Mahogany wood furniture and Mahogany finishes. It does not stain the wood, it DYES the wood and will not leave splotchy color ever. Its always even and perfect regardless of wood. Brush it on, let it stand for 30 seconds and wipe it off. Beautiful, clear wood grain will show and spectacular ORIGINAL color. The stain does not sit on the surface as oil stains do which is why it is so even and perfectly balanced when it dries. It will NOT raise the grain. Try it!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Well said! We have been carrying Behlen's products for many years with much success. The results of this product have indeed been outstanding. Thank you for your comments!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner February 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Stuart!!
  • Great Stain

    Gary, 2/21/2010 After trying several more expensive products to stain a wood front door I stripped the door and did the job right with Solar Lux the only stain that I will use in the future THANKS
  • dying oak

    john bruner, 11/16/2009 used cherry then zap #124 rosewood oil base stain to get deep deep red color on red oak -oil base alone did'nt work poly top coats
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