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Clearance Bench Hook
a great aid for hobbyists
26F01.08 Woodworker’s Bench Hook

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Turn any table into a crafting workspace with this sturdy 12" x 16" Bench Hook. It provides a safe work surface (and protects your table) when using cutting tools, on projects ranging from spoon carving to making linocuts or woodcuts. A fence on the left side and a backstop corral the item you are working on, especially when it's too small or unwieldy for clamping. The V-notch in the backstop cradles small items. Saw guides that allow cuts of 45º right, 45º left and 90º add extra utility. The Bench Hook is made of unsealed beech. We recommend finishing with a light coat of wood-conditioning oil or varnish.

Frequently overlooked by woodworking hobbyists because it seem too “simple” to be important, for those “in the know,” it will make all the difference. Highly recommended. Very useful.

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