Ideal Bench-Top Utility Anvil

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Ideal Bench-Top Utility Anvil
Made of cast Iron and weighs 11 pounds
The perfect size at a great price
18B02.03 Ideal Bench-Top Utility Anvil

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Standing 4" high and weighing a solid 11 lbs, with a 4 x 2" flat surface and the traditional curved “horn,” this beauty has everything you will need in an anvil in your shop--unless of course, you are a blacksmith, in which case you already have a huge one floor mounted. For the rest of us, this is the one we need.

Built and sized just right for the work you will require from it, it’s perfect--what more can we say? And best of all, it’s very affordable.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Anvil

    Andy L Pettitt, 11/6/2019 This is a great anvil. It’s heavy enough to stay put while using yet it’s light enough pick up and move. This will save my vise for sure.
  • Good size anvil

    Phil McKay, 9/25/2019 Well pleased with overall construction of this anvil. Proved to be exactly what I needed.
  • Good bench top anvil.

    Pete, 9/25/2019 Seems a nice casting. Top is milled slightly rounded. The horn needed dressing with a grinder.
  • Great for small work.

    Gregory Mead, 9/21/2019 This is a well-made anvil with a nice horn, flat top, lugs to screw it to a surface, and a kind of odd 1/4" x 20 screw hole in the bottom. I suppose you could use that to attach it to a camera tripod, but I'm not sure what else you might use it for. I wouldn't use this to forge a sword, but for small work it's great. I plan on using it for riveting leather work and for knife handles rivets. It would also be great for shaping small sheet metal objects such as jewelry. It will have a home in every shop.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2019 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Gregory!!
  • Handy size

    James Pzinski, 7/7/2019 Mine is a woodworking shop so this is ideal for those few times I need to bend/straighten metal or peen a rivet. Its size to weight ratio also make it handy for pressing small veneering or inlay tasks. Excellent fit and finish.
  • Craft Anvil

    Ken, 6/2/2019 This is the perfect size and weight for the projects I had planned. Really glad I found this.
  • Utility Anvil

    John Felten, 4/26/2019 Another sturdy tool that fits the work I do in my shop perfectly. Weighs enough so that it stays in place when I use the hammering surfaces which I often use for making small jewelry items....The weight is also helpful when I need some pressure on the marquetry design work I often do. Lots of uses for this piece, indeed. Again, surprised at the high quality at a reasonable cost. Thanks...!
  • Very nice anvil

    Gerald Davis, 11/7/2018 Exactly what I thought it would be. Very nice anvil. Thanks
  • Amazing Anvil

    Michael Glenn Barnett, 11/1/2018 Perfect for my work bench and needs.
  • Very nice!

    Gregory Kelsey, 10/23/2018 Great product, been looking for one this size for a while.
  • Anvil

    Mark Thomas, 10/22/2018 Excellent anvil! Perfect balance, size and weight. Excellent size for craft projects and plan to make some jewelry for Christmas for the grandchildren. Excellent value for the money, fast efficient delivery. Thanks Garrett Wade!
  • Anvil

    Dick Davis, 10/2/2018 This is a really nice peice of steel , it is heavy & well built
  • Great find!!

    Richard Morrell, 7/9/2018 Nice tool for any handyman or hobbyist.
  • Forging ahead...

    Keith Landers, 11/17/2017 I have been searching everywhere, without success, for an anvil. Most are designed for professional metal working shops, and are very large....and expensive. This one is the perfect size, at an affordable price, and will accommodate all of my crafting needs. Nice job Garrett Wade.
  • Bench-Top Utility Anvil

    Robert Copeland, 11/12/2017 Perfect size for my small work bench.
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