Billhook & Chopper Tool Set

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New Billhook & Chopper Tool Set
excellent for one-handed, close-in clean-up work – made in germany
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54A03.15 Tough Billhook

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54A03.16 Short Chopper

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There’s nothing fancy about these tools. They are all business. These German made tools are “serious” clearing tools. Weight about 1¾ lbs. Overall length is 13" (Chopper) or 15½" (Billhook), each with a 5" Ash handle.

With its pointed, curved tip the Billhook’s main claim to fame is whacking through small to medium diameter brushy branches. Whereas, the Short Chopper is great for chopping up roots that are partially buried in the soil. Use our mill file to keep them reasonably sharp. Use your imagination and you’ll readily see how really useful these will be. Among other virtues, they will be terrific in setting up a remote campsite.

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