Billhook & Chopper Tool Set

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Billhook & Chopper Tool Set
excellent for one-handed, close-in clean-up work – made in germany
54A03.15 Tough Billhook

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54A03.16 Short Chopper

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There’s nothing fancy about these tools. They are all business. These German made tools are “serious” clearing tools. Weight about 1¾ lbs. Overall length is 13" (Chopper) or 15½" (Billhook), each with a 5" Ash handle.

With its pointed, curved tip the Billhook’s main claim to fame is whacking through small to medium diameter brushy branches. Whereas, the Short Chopper is great for chopping up roots that are partially buried in the soil. Use our mill file to keep them reasonably sharp. Use your imagination and you’ll readily see how really useful these will be. Among other virtues, they will be terrific in setting up a remote campsite.

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Overall Rating
  • Billhook

    don clifton, 6/26/2019 Once I shimmed up the tang opening in the handle and ground a new edge with a belt sander, this thing is a fine tool. It takes a little work, but it's worth the effort.
  • Handy tool

    jesus, 2/24/2019 Nice handy tool , doesn’t appear hand forged nor does it have the heft of a real billhook also be prepared to sharpen since there is no edge, the handle is unfinished which is a plus no poly to sand off ...all that said, for the price I really like it ,fills that niche between knife and ax perfectly
  • Nice but very dull blade

    Anthony Galiana, 10/12/2018 Good tool, wasn't even close to sharp, but I took care of that.
  • This billhook is an excellent, well made, and reliable tool

    Zachary, 10/2/2018 I purchased the billhook as a replacement for a very old vintage example. I have used it for several weeks now and am very happy with it. I did sharpen the hook after receiving it and applied a linseed oil finish to both the wood and metal parts to protect it. Though I use this for trimming green wood as is traditional, I also use this as a miniature froe in my woodshop, especially for splitting small pieces of wood to make wooden pegs for furniture construction. It handles both tasks with aplomb.
  • Short Chopper

    tk, 6/21/2018 I purchased Chopper kind of on a whim. Garrett Wade sells quite a few blades of different variety, and I wanted to test the quality of one of them, so I chose this Chopper. When I received the Chopper, it had an edge on it but it was a little rough. This is to be expected from a tool that has to come through the mail. I finished up the edge with a sanding belt and a sharpening stone. I t is very sharp now and I was surprised at the high quality of steel used in this Chopper. I tested this Chopper on wood (no problem) and on sheetmetal (no problem). I even tested it on a chunk of 3/4 inch thick cast iron, it made nice cuts in the cast iron and the Chopper blade is still razor sharp, this blade is made of hardened steel. The tang of the blade goes all the way through the handle, this Chopper is tough. I am happy to have added this baby to my tool collection.
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