BioLite Portable Fire Pit

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BioLite Portable Fire Pit
air jet system for an efficient and smokeless campfire
63A01.09 BioLite Portable Fire Pit

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The BioLite Portable Fire Pit is so evolved, you'll feel like you have tamed fire. It goes from zero to full blaze in only a few minutes, and then it burns as a beautiful, near-smokeless fire. The secret is the rechargeable, 4-speed fan system that blows air through 51 jets into the pit, making for a highly efficient burn. You can adjust the fan speed - either manually or from a smart phone app - depending if you want to crank the flames and heat, or nurse the coals. Can burn up to four pieces of standard cord wood, or adjust the fuel rack upwards to burn charcoal. An included grill grate allows you to cook hibachi-style or to toast marshmallows. The sidewalls are made of an innovative "x-ray mesh" screen that, after dark, makes it seem like you are staring at an elevated 'floating' fire. The structure cools down quickly, with minimal ash as the fire burns out. Foldable legs allow for easy storage and portability. The removable battery pack recharges via a mini-USB port. Will run up to 24 hours with the fans set on low speed, less at the highest speed. We recommend the optional carry bag with built in solar panel for trickle-charge during storage. Great for car camping!

27" long x 13" wide x 15.8" tall
Weighs about 20 lbs.

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