Block and Tackle Rope Hoist

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Block and Tackle Rope Hoist
Made in the USA
60R06.01 Double Block Rope Hoist

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60R06.02 100 Ft. Additional Hoist Rope

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Traditional Block And Tackle

We confess that our days in the naval service has left us partial to Block and Tackle Hoists. This is one of the biggest reasons we got very interested when we found a small firm in Ohio making pullers and hoists for construction and industry.

This is a solid steel double-block and tackle using a 50 ft. 3/8" poly-blend rope that gives you a working length of 12 feet. Cam lever load latch, safety latches, steel hooks, 4:1 mechanical advantage, 350 lbs. lift capacity (700 lbs. pulling capacity).

If you're a city person, you may not have much use for this block and tackle. But, if you have anything to do with a farm, barn, shop, truck, RV or ATV; or if you're a hunter, or tend a larger-scale lawn or garden, this is something you will want to keep on hand.

Although it can use any length of 3/8" rope, we strongly recommend the use of our tested poly-blend rope for the security of strength. A 100 ft. Poly-Blend Rope (25 ft. of working length) is available as an accessory by special arrangement with the manufacturer.

Vintage Tool Designs

We’re proud to offer a traditional tool like this block and tackle that makes your heaviest jobs a little lighter. Like many in our collection, it blends modern manufacturing processes with classic design. Don’t forget to request a free catalog of our timeless tools that have been trusted for decades. Get yours from Garrett Wade today.

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Overall Rating
  • Rope Hoist/Block & Tackle

    Ken, 6/2/2019 Works just as advertised, really handy for use in my workshop.
  • Rope Hoist/Block & Tackle

  • Block & Tackle

    Michael Brown, 11/27/2016 My husband bought this to help build a hoist. He lost his right leg 4 years ago. He built a tripod hoist in the bed of his pickup so that he can load and unload his wheelchair. This allows him to be much more independent. He made the first hoist piece by piece. At the time he couldn't find a block and tackle. Your product will save him lots of time - and help keep him as independent as possible. He can load and go and be out and about. Thanks!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2016 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Gretchen!!
  • Block & Tackle

    Gudman, 6/10/2013 Block & tackle is good to lift Bridgeport off of mill for maintenance. This one looks like a Tuf-Tug rope hoist Block & tackle and is $30 more buying here.
  • Host for shop

    Tim, 1/2/2013 Would not go without this type of hoist in my shop. I lift up my 8 foot work table to the ceiling space when I do not need it. Works great
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