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Famous for Captain Bligh's remarkable voyage
22T03.01 Bounty's Jolly Boat Model

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One of the most notorious episodes in British naval history was the Mutiny on the Bounty, during which the First Mate Fletcher Christian and others seized the scientific exploration vessel HMS Bounty from Captain Bligh in the Pacific Ocean. Bligh, along with 18 loyal shipmates, was forced into one of the Bounty's lifeboats (then known as "jolly boats"). Bligh then accomplished one of the most famous navigational feats in history by sailing and rowing the Jolly Boat 3,600 miles across the Pacific, finally (and incredibly) reaching a safe landfall near Australia.

This model is an accurate 1:25 scale model. When completed, it will be about 16-1/2" long, with a beam of 4" (boat only) and a height of 10-1/4".

Every part of the boat is detailed. Complete instructions are included along with the hundreds of parts. All the rigging is, of course, included, along with the three cotton sails, as are plenty of spare nails and timbers. This is a substantially less demanding project than that of the USS Independence - perhaps done by a child of middle years while you are working on the other one.

Scroll down for an instructional sheet.

Ages 14+

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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  • Not for the faint of heart

    Robert Cordone, 12/28/2017 This is NOT a model for beginners. Many of the parts need to be tediously shaped and the VERY limited instructions are vague at best. Referencing the photos which are also poor. Without sufficient experience you'll be in for a very frustrating experience.
  • Boat Kit

    Boat Kit, 11/12/2013 Excellent kit. Very clear and easy to read instructions.
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