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Sale Boxwood Box Set (2)
Beautifully turned & polished using French Boxwood
15A01.10 Boxwood Box Set (2)

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French boxwood takes a wonderful patina like practically no other wood. Not to be compared with South American or Laotian, French boxwood is a very slow growing species with a heavy dense structure perfect for polishing. It is a wood highly cherished by turners. Frankly, we don't understand how the French can make these charming little boxes at such a low cost - they truly are masters of ornamental turning - but you can be the lucky beneficiary of their skill.

This set of two small round boxes with threaded Boxwood lids are sized (interior) 1-1/4 x 5/8" deep and 1-5/8" x 5/8" deep. They are great for storing jewelry or other small valuables - or even make terrific pill boxes. Combine with the Boxwood Sewing Kit for holding buttons, pins and notions. We like these a lot - a wonderful choice for stocking stuffers at a surprising low price.

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  • Wrapped too tight!

    Joseph Abraham, 11/5/2018 Cute little wooden containers but both tops were so tight it took all I had to open them for my wife. They may have been exposed to humidity and temperature change. Oh yeah, I got them open and she’s happy
  • Never Misplace An Earring Again

    Cookie, 12/21/2014 I use these boxwood containers to hold my earrings when I travel. After I am done wearing a pair of earrings, I put them in the boxwood container. I no longer worry about losing an earring in the pile of a rug or under a piece of furniture. I also have a set that I use at home.
  • Storage For Small Items

    Hughtron, 7/28/2013 Got these for my wife's ear rings that she keeps in the bathroom. Though she doesn't screw on the tops, it still keeps them clean and reduces clutter, very handy.
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