Boxwood Sewing Kit

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Boxwood Sewing Kit
Compact for easy traveling & quick repairs
Made for us in France
15A01.01 Boxwood Sewing Kit

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First is a Solid Boxwood Sewing Egg (like a small Darning Egg, it's an item rarely found these days, but very useful when mending rips and tears in clothing). It's a 1 Egg (measured across the wide top), with overall dimensions of 2-3/8" in length and 1-5/8" diameter.

The Sewing Set is packed in a simple yet beautifully turned Boxwood cylinder-like container with a threaded top. The Set includes a Boxwood Thimble and Bobbin (with capacity for 3 separate thread windings). Pop the ball-cap off the bobbin, and inside (amazingly) is a Needle Case. (It takes a very skilled turner, indeed, to pull that off in such small scale. Overall Container dimensions are 3-3/8" in length with a 7/8" diameter - plenty of extra room for pins, etc.

Anyone in the family who sews will love these traditional craft tools from France. Perfect for traveling, in the office for quick repairs, or just to have on hand in your backpack or purse. A lovely and very useful gift.

Please note: the Kit includes only the boxwood items shown in the picture. Sorry, no pins, needles or thread included.

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  • Boxwood Sewing Kit

    David L. Horwitz, 1/10/2020 I purchased this on December 14, 2019. This is a delightful little travel sewing kit. The specifications in the product description are accurate. As noted in the other reviews, the thimble is small. However, if you can't get it to work on your fingertip, use this technique: Place the thimble between your ring and middle fingers where they meet your palm, with the open part of the thimble facing toward you (palm upward). There is a tiny dimple at the bottom of the thimble where the eye of the needle will firmly seat while you push the needle through. Then turn the thimble around and finish pushing through. To make the feel of the finish smoother and to make the two parts of the capsule open and close easier, rub either a conservator's micro-crystalline wax or a clear carnauba past wax on the outside surface and on the threads. You'll be amazed at the difference in feel. I also waxed the bobbin and it feels and looks better as well. I own other travel kits - plastic boxes and vinyl pouches - and none of them measure up to this wooden case. Yes, some are bigger, but the hinges broke or the vinyl cracks and tears. Moreover, they just look tacky. This kit is durable, doesn't use polluting materials, and is stylishly graceful. I haven't tested the egg, but it is sized for almost any hand and well enough made for it's purpose. I waxed it, but then had second thoughts about doing that because it made it a little more slippery and it occurred to me that I probably don't want to make it easier for it to slip around inside whatever I would be trying to mend. If you remember that this is supposed to be a travel kit for quick, emergency repairs, rather than a fully stocked sewing set, you would be hard put to find a nicer kit anywhere. It's a decent value at full price, but if it goes on sale, don't miss the opportunity to buy it. I'm 100% pleased that I now own one.
  • Reach slightly greater than grasp

    Count Constantin, 1/27/2019 Lovely idea and design, with some problematic results. I see several others have the same problem with the thimble as i do: it's much too small to be of use in my hands.
    As far as construction goes, mine is fairly well made, with none of the threading/sticking issues others have reported, although i can see how thin the line would be between it working and not working.
    A slightly larger needle compartment would be nice, too, but it holds all mine just fine.
  • Travel repairs

    Alex, 5/14/2018 good for my suitcase for travel. Only complaint I have is the tiny thimble. would like to have one actually made for a man's hand
  • Quality control issues; child-sized thimble needs rethinking

    AKS, 6/7/2017 I had hopes for these, and bought two sets. The thimble is sized for a child: it barely fits my pinky finger. The needle case will fit two or three small hand-sewing needles. In one set, the darning egg has four holes in the wood. The case has price sticker residue on it, and does not close all the way due to the thread misalignment. But the other set has neither of those problems.
  • A Stitch in Time

    Marsha Byford, 12/30/2016 I have bought many of these for gifts and have several myself. Good value and handy for both men and women. I have given them to my Eagle Scout son and grandsons for their packs and a professional seamstress and have received positive comments. A compact and handy emergency item. I've put a safety pin with a button attached in mine.
  • Case is too short for most standard needles.

    Nancy Prior, 4/11/2016 the needle case is only 2 inches long. Only the smallest needles fit in it.
  • great emergency mending kit

    Shirlie Freytag, 3/30/2016 great workmanship, and very useful
    the darning egg is a perfect size
    I have no complaints :-)
  • Poorly Made

    JJA, 6/29/2015 The thimble gets stuck in the container and the threading on the container is just a little bit off so the two halves don't quite sit together correctly. The darning egg and the thimble are sort of a waste anyway. All I really wanted were the bobbin and the container. This would have been a much better purchase if it was just a pack of 6 bobbins, but that wasn't an option.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Boxwood Sewing Kit. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with them. Please feel free to return them for a refund using the return label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • A Must Have Item

    Cookie, 12/21/2014 This has been a wonderful addition to my suitcase must haves". I pack it into a separate change purse along with a pair of snips and I am ready for any mending emergency. At home, I have another set that is always available."
  • Travel Necessity

    Michael Young, 3/13/2014 I have had to travel extensively through the years with not too much in the way of luggage or extra clothing. I have used many a light bulb for darning socks and actually unraveled clothing or used suture material to repair pants and shirts. This kit is light weight, holds what is essential, and doesn't fall apart like some of the make-do kits I have carried.The turned wood components fit well together and hold what is essential to repair that last minute tear in the pants or the loose button. Safety pins and other small tools fit nicely also. The thread bobbin holds more than the three sections would suggest. My fingers are too large for the thimble, but it is useful as a push tool when repairing canvas or leather. The darning egg is better than the light bulbs which have now been largely replaced by CFLs. This a useful item at a decent price and will most probably be an item included in a future order to be used as a gift.
  • Sewing Kit

    John Taylor, 1/15/2014 I received the sewing kit last week and I am mostly pleased with it. The darning egg is great as well as the thread spindle/needle holder. There was no thread or needles that come with the items so what you see in the picture is not exactly what you get. The main case was great and I added some lubricant to the threads. Overall a great kit, but they should indicate that there are no thread, needles or pins that come with the kit. Lastly the thimble is worthless as it is too small for most hands.
  • Sewing Kit

    Kathy, 1/14/2014 Love it! Well made and holds several needles. Haven't used the egg for mending yet, but it feels good in the hand.
  • Wood Sewing Kit

    Stella Keppler, 12/11/2013 I think this sewing kit is so cool. Made of really nice wood, and old fashioned. I just love this.
  • Elegant Solution

    Guy, 6/30/2013 This compact kit is so nicely made that I am proud to pack it in my every day carry kit.
  • Good Value

    Dragonqat, 4/2/2013 I needed a darning egg so I purchased this inexpensive kit. The needle box is nice; the thimble will be used; the thread holder will save space for the last of 4 different threads; and the darning egg looks as if it will work just fine. The wooden items are a nice touch.
  • Quality-on-the-go

    Dale Payne, 2/25/2013 Many years ago anyone that cared how the looked, always came prepared to meet any crisis. Of course that was before the modern age and everything you owned meant something. Now days everything we have and own is disposable. But I still care how I look, and this little jewel helps me to look like I care.
  • Nicely Done

    Frank, 1/22/2013 Item was very nicely turned and finished. Purchased for my sister whom I think will be be pleased with it.
  • Neat as a Pin!

    Randy Holl, 1/20/2013 I recently was looking in the Garrett Wade catalog for some old timey looking " tools. My wife peeked over my shoulder and asked "anything interesting for Women", and the catalog was gone. She had me order this sewing kit. It fit right in with our love for reenactments & it just plain made sense. You can carry enough thread for repairs to those rips that always show up on the kids linen shirts & pants. everything stores in a great looking cylinder, with screw on lid. Had one that just fit on, not good, lid off, thread, needles, thimble on ground. The Darning Egg has already been used on some mis-used socks. There really is room for extra pins,buttons, what have you in the case. A very nice item for Women and yes guys,( the socks were mine). FAST shipping, good experience. "
  • Great item for re-enactors

    Rex, 1/17/2013 My wife and I have been re-enactors of Colonial America for many years. This little item is great for a period sewing kit, but the thimble is too small to be of much use for the average person, even my wife, who has small hands. Overall, we are very pleased with the quality and uniqueness of this item. Thanks, Garrett Wade!
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