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Sale Brass-Bound Wood Rules
These rules feel wonderful in the hand
19S11.01 6" Ruler

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19S11.02 12” Ruler

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19S11.10 Set Both Brass/Wood Rules

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Many of us remember wooden rules from our early school days. These aren't those exact same rules, of course, but feel just the same. They're very easy to scribe a line next to, because of their extra thickness. Take them to the office; they make handsome light paperweights, and will certainly provoke admiring glances. Solid brass bound edges, marked in 16ths.

Made in Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Great, just like I remember

    Randy, 9/18/2020 My father had one like this now so do I. Very pleased.
  • Great ruler

    Liz O'Leary, 9/8/2020 It’s exactly what I needed. It’s accurate and just the right size to use in a lot of bench/shop work.
  • Top Class Tool!

    Lois Jones, 5/16/2020 The 6" rulers I purchased will be H.S.Grad.'20 gifts for STARS I've nurtured since they were in my elem. age SS class! Each will enter a major state this fall ! My challenge: find something I could afford to give each of these STARS! This rule met my price range and will go with global wisdom embraced by THE GOLDEN RULE! It's size matches the ubiquitous cell phone! These GRADES will go into the future with three basic tools for life! Thanks to "ya'll" for offering this classy ruler!
  • Upgrade

    Paul, 4/16/2020 Very, very good. For years I have been using a hardware giveaway ruler for my work. This ia a major league upgrade.
  • 12 in rule - well worth it

    Tom Richards, 4/12/2020 I was so glad that this ruler has both Metric and Imperial markings on it. I utilize both
  • Well-made rules

    eof, 4/21/2019 These are well-made; straight, of good thickness, and the rules and units are etched into the wood. They are not colored which makes the contrast low, but this is easily remedied by an ink wash or similar. Overall a very high quality product.
  • Another quality product from Wade Garrett

    Anthony Frazier , 10/21/2018 You can just tell how well made this ruler is the first time you pick it up. The weight just says quality. It’s as attractive as it is useful.
  • Attractive ruler.

    David Costlow, 5/18/2018 Attractive ruler with a nice brass edge on both sides to protect the wood.
  • Classically simple. Simply classic

    Jim Crees, 1/4/2017 These are great rulers - classically simple, and simply classic. Just the measuring tool to take care of the many basic jobs around my shop, but sturdy enough to take a bit of "abuse." The binding makes them so, So, SO functional in rough and tumble settings. I just love them.
  • Brass bound wood rule

    Rolland L. May, 12/2/2016 I bought this rule to use as a replacement on the Stanley No. 1 Odds and End Tool. I had queried a Representative of Garrett Wade who had stated there was a 90% chance it would fit. Based on that I bought one and it fit perfectly. It actually is better than the original rule which was maple; this one is also maple but the sides are brass lined. It is a beautiful rule and I would have kept it even if it hadn't fit the tool. A real quality product.
  • 12" Ruler

    William Lamb, 12/2/2016 Same excellent quality as the 6" ruler that came with the Odd Job.
  • Another Quality Product from an Incredible Company, Garrett Wade!

    Kent D. Hansen, 3/4/2016 Another quality product from an incredible company! The ruler fits the Odd-Job perfectly and is very useful all on its own. You can never go wrong with Garrett Wade! If you want a high quality, long-lasting product, pick up this ruler from Garrett Wade right is incredible!
  • Replacement Rules

    Joe Beaton, 11/26/2013 Bought these to replace ones for my Odd Job"... They work and fit fine!!"
  • Nice

    Leo W, 12/27/2010 Very nice rulers. The brass edging is perfect for shop work. The markings could be a little darker. All in all, good product, good price.
  • Wooden rule

    Mike F., 4/15/2010 This is just like my grandfather used to build his small projects. I feel very close to him while using the old fashioned tools found in the GarrettWade catalog.
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