Brass & Copper Candleholders

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Brass & Copper Candleholders
Warm reflected light can be placed anywhere
Made in the USA
54A01.30 Brass Candle Holder

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54A01.40 Copper Candle Holder

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Our enduring fondness for functional simplicity drew us to these candleholders 4" high and 1-5/8" in diameter. They are of a single-minded design that performs the job smartly. Reminiscent of candleholders used by Colonialists, these are perfectly shaped for holding modern long burning tealight candles.

The windscreen is also a great candlelight reflector, and the steel folding handles allow you to carry them with your fingers safely isolated from the heat. Choose copper or brass - either will be delightful. USA made. Two (4-hour) candles are included with each holder. Replacement tea-candles may be available locally, but you can get them from us too.

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Overall Rating
  • beautiful

    H. Mackey, 12/10/2018 I think this is a wonderful addition for the pyromaniac in your life.
  • Classy flashlight candel

    benjamin, 3/10/2017 It's classy, it's unique, and it actually has a flashlight effect due to its curvature.
  • Keep it simple.

    Robert Cox , 1/24/2017 I admire the simplicity of this product. Few moving parts and yet effective in lighting the room. I live in an area where power outages are frequent. These candle holders are easy to store and produce a soft, romantic ambiance. I would recommend these to a friend.
  • Brass tealight

    Customer, 1/4/2017 It looks beautiful but has two great disadvantages : (a) it gets red-hot and (b) it leaks. So you can't pick it up while it's dribbling hot wax over your table.
  • Little light for evenings on the porch

    Frances Chapman, 12/26/2016 I bought it for a gift. It will be used outside. The recipient and his wife love copper as part of their home d├ęcor.

    Marg Smith, 12/7/2016 I ordered the tea light holder in brass. When it arrived, I was surprised (!) by how small it is and how little light from the tea candle is reflected. Still, it is an attractive, delicate and pleasing decorative piece. Just use caution when setting it on something wood, for the base becomes very hot while a candle is burning.
  • Brass tea light holders.

    Stephan Gorsuch, 12/5/2016 Very nice item for a good price. Bought 2 sets for my wife. She thought they were great.
  • Natural Beauty in Copper

    Brian, 7/25/2016 I am an electrician so I know Copper however I never knew it like this. These Tea lights are beautiful for anywhere you want to make the moment special. We like it at bedtime and in the bath. The glow is beautiful and that is why I ordered another one and then the Brass one as well. I have two for us and one for my daughter, Perfection to a tee. Tea Light that is.
  • Brass and copper mood setter tea Lights.

    Brian, 7/22/2016 I am not a big tea light guy but I do admire beauty, mood setting and craftsmanship. these things and so much more I have gotten from these tea lights. They are gorgeous. I ordered a copper tea light then another and then yet another this last time in brass. We love them. We lite one at or near bed time each night so far and it gives a gorgeous lite glow but not too bright at all. They are perfect especially for those tender moments you never forget and always strive for. I recommend highly. Thank You Garrett Wade for finding these gems of delight.
  • Danger! Danger! Will Robinson

    Robert Sorrels, 3/3/2016 Beautiful small candle holders. Flame is lovely against the copper, BUT! GW has made no provision for the heat generated by the candle. Even with a small tea light heat passes thru the bottom and literally charges wood furniture below. Do not use if you plan to set it on anything but metal or ceramic or find a small stand for it. Sorry, but had to return. Sad as they are nice. (Maybe camping and put on ground?)
  • Quality Piece

    Brian, 12/26/2014 Very well made item as everything that I have purchased from Garret Wade has been. They (I purchased a pair) are simple, clean and classy looking as well as quite functional. They even came in a cloth bag to protect them from scratches. My wife loves them so Happy wife, Happy life"! I was somewhat surprised to see how tiny they are (about 4 1/4 inches tall) There is no reference in the description as to their size nor are there any dimensions given. I suppose I should have been able to figure that out from the tea light size but I thought maybe some "Jumbo" ones came with it. Even though I was disappointed with the size, I still gave them a 5 because they are made so much better that most of the imported junk places sell."
  • Tiny But Cute

    S Roth, 11/30/2014 While these appear to be sized for backpacking, I don't think they'd survive any kind of wind (the flame would be blown out). I'm creating small wall-mounted stands to give my wife some accent pieces that are still fully functional should the lights go out.
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