Brass Dovetail Marker

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Brass Dovetail Marker
For hardwood or softwood
71J08.01 Brass Dovetail Marker

Available 01/20/2021


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This great little tool can mark dovetails up to 1" long, and has two ratios: 1:5 for softwood and 1:8 for hardwood.

Overall length: 2-1/2", Made in Great Britain.

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Overall Rating
  • Perfect!

    Emma, 6/8/2020 Beautifully made with a nice weight to it!
  • Now to go to work!

    Jacob, 5/29/2020 Beautiful piece of equipment. I love that the packaging advertises that Richard Kell also makes sundials!
  • Just what I needed

    Patrick C, 5/23/2020 Just what I ordered, will work great
  • dovetail marker

    robert, 7/8/2016 Very well machined. Easy to use.
  • Pass It Down

    Mike Wasson, 2/17/2015 A truly quality tool that my kids will want when I am making saw dust in the great beyond. The angles are very accurate and because it is brass it has a nice feel and heft in your hand while working. A pleasure to own.
  • Super Tight

    Larry, 11/25/2014 These joints look amazing. Sturdy, solid tool!
  • Quality Wookmanship

    Mark Saint, 11/9/2014 High quality tool made by Richard Kell.
  • Better Quality

    Michael W Garner, 10/11/2013 I've had an inferior model similar to this one for a couple of years. I like this brass one so much better and it should really last me! When working on this scale, anything less is just a waste of money to me.
  • Incomplete Cabinetmaker

    Mihaly, 1/2/2013 Just what I wanted. Small, takes up modest space with my tools.
  • Dovetail Marker

    Chris, 4/15/2010 Very helpful for marking out dovetail lines when I made a box. Great quality brasswork.
  • Getting It Right

    Mike Goudket, 4/15/2009 After using machine tools for dovetails, cutting dovetails by hand can be daunting. This gauge makes laying out the angles simple and precise. I got good results on my very first hand cut dovetails partly because of the accurate layout this marking gauge creates.
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