Brass Miner's-Style Oil Lamps

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Brass Miner's-Style Oil Lamps
87A01.43 8" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

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87A01.18 10" Mesh Miner's Oil Lamp

Available 04/15/2021


87A01.52 8" Replacement Glass for Oil Lamp

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87A01.31 10" Replacement Glass for Oil Lamp

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87A01.26 Spare Wicks (10)

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In the 19th century, English coal miners carried safety lamps invented by Sir Humphrey Davy who had discovered that a flame enclosed by a fine wire mesh, which acts as a flame arrester, will not ignite gases outside the mesh.

These beautiful table lamps closely mimic that design. Beautifully made by hand, as usual they will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene (both available locally) equally well for hours before requiring a refill. Two sizes are available - 8" and 10" tall, identical except for size.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Product

    Amanda, 12/29/2020 I gave this as a gift and both of us were so impressed by the quality of the product. The recipient loved it. Delivery was quicker than expected which was an added bonus!
  • Love!!!!

    Patricia, 3/14/2020 Love!!!! Love!!!! Love!!!! Heavy duty and beautiful. Better than expected
  • Emergency prepardness

    Will, 12/18/2019 Handy to have when you live in areas with severe weather.
  • My lanterns

    Carol A Crum, 11/17/2019 Looks fantastic, I am 'saving' this and my other lanterns for the grid shut down that is sure to come one day. TY
  • Miners lamp

    Joan kinkopf, 9/14/2019 My husband and I love this lamp. We previously bought a small one and now the medium size. It is a little tricky to screw the base on but is a quality item.. if you ever need customer service They are very helpful.
  • Lantern

    Joseph , 4/29/2019 Very nice, wont light it though, just for show
  • Top Quality

    Chas Fleenor , 12/12/2018 This is a high quality product. The lamp has a generous reservoir for oil and is machined very nicely. I would highly recommend this lamp..
  • Excellent quality lantern

    Jason, 11/3/2018 I got the 10" miner's lamp. The description on where it's made is not clear, which is India. However it is very nice quality. Replicas can be cheaply made, but this is done very well and made with real brass.

    It produces a decent amount of light. If you use it and hang it with a full flame the hook does get hot. With this style of lantern that should be expected. Simply pull the wick to a low flame or extinguish it and it cools quickly. The glass doesn't get too hot so relighting or refueling after it was lit for a while is easy. I really like this lantern very much and I will get a few more.
  • Miner's oil lamp

    Donna Collier , 9/24/2018 Beautiful and well made. I am very pleased with this purchase.Even with today's technology it's nice to have a non battery powered backup.
  • Beautiful but not yet used

    Jan Clifton, 7/28/2018 I would probably rate it with 5 stars if I had used it, but I have not. Beautiful and I am happy except I was slightly disappointed that the finish has one small spot that looks somewhat tarnished. Perhaps brass polish would remove it.
  • Very classy, well-built lamp

    Scott, 11/6/2017 Very pleased with this purchase. The lamp is very solid and well constructed. Unlike most hurricane style lamps that have a lighter, tin-like feel to them, this lamp looks and feels much more robust. It puts off a fair amount of light and looks beautiful reflecting off the brass. The wick is accessed by unscrewing the base and I have not had any issues with screwing it back on despite the fine threading. The carrying hook at the top gets quite warm if it has been lit for a while but nothing dangerous.
  • Miners light

    Will N, 10/6/2017 Both lamps are highly polished work of art. Used both of them within the first couple days and loved the warm glow these generate. I do agree with other customers that the base is hard to align with the upper when screwing it together. Still very pleased.
  • Very rustic

    Matthew, 8/25/2017 Very greatful for the purchase. Bought four, tried one and kept the rest. Very classy glow. The wick is not hard to adjust. Do not use citronella torch oil. Bought them to go on the wall for decoration. Now I know it is a useful tool, I use it at night outside a lean too where we built a Nags head style bench for relaxing after work.
  • Good Lamp

    Hiro, 4/3/2017 Nice looking lamps. Heavy brass, solder seams are good with no leaks. I purchased 4 lamps, two of them are flawless the other two are very difficult to screw in. Works well with an oil lamp fuel. Make sure to check the dimensions since it is in the small side. Overall, a good lamp.
  • Sturdy, well-made lamp

    Kerri, 3/4/2017 Beautiful miner's lamp. We have a couple very similar lamps bought 15 years ago and these match perfectly!
  • Lamp similar to those used by German miners.

    John, 2/23/2017 A very beautiful English brass miners lamp very similar to those used in Germany by miners there in the past.
  • Indian Brass, Heavy And Nicely Assembled

    John, 1/25/2017 This is a beautiful lamp, made in India, where they seem to have a great deal of experience working brass. This lamp is made of very heavy brass solidly assembled. The wick adjuster is classic miner's lamp, there being no potential methane access to the lamp flame. The adjuster is a wire with a horizontal hook that can be swung into the wick, the other end of the wire protruding from a tube running through to the bottom of the base. I will say that it's difficult to fill the lamp without spillage, unless you use an eyedropper, syringe or other small-gauge filler. And if you do over fill, oil will seep through the wick-adjuster's tube and puddle beneath the base.This lamp holds sufficient oil to burn overnight two nights. I enjoyed using it as a night light. The lamp burns at perhaps less than one candlepower, a nice, soft light.The two plates at the top of the glass and then at the lamp top get quite hot. Have a care before grabbing the lamp top.Overall, this is a very nice lamp. However, mine began to seep oil from the base and has gone back for exchange. I'm thinking that if the replacement develops the same seep, I'll run some flux and solder around the joint of the interior of the base, where it wouldn't be seen. Because these are nice enough lamps to fettle and hold on to.
  • Beautiful!!!

    Jim, 1/3/2017 These are very beautiful lamps. Heavy brass and well-made. My only gripe is that the wick adjusting wire hangs a little lower than the bottom of the lamp which may cause issues if you're not hanging it. I'm hanging them so it doesn't bother me.
  • Nice Lamp with a problem

    mark, 12/30/2016 I purchased this lamp as a Christmas present for my wife. We are very well versed with oil lamps as we a have purchased many before. This particular lamp was purchased for a dual roll of outside deck lighting as well as inside foyer lighting when the mood was right. This is why we purchased the brass hanger/hook for indoor use. The lamp appears to be very well made with a nice heavy weighted feel. I had read many reviews prior to the purchase and had no problem, as others did, operating the lamp and filling the oil well. I use a small funnel that I had purchased that is made specifically for oil lamps and I use it for all of them. Even if there were no instructions, which there were, this is a very straight forward procedure. So it is Christmas Day and I decide to fire the lamp up. I filled it and left it on the countertop trimmed the wick and lit it up. Within a minute or so I had a nice puddle of lamp oil on the countertop. So this was the bad part. The lamp had a nice glow and was very easy to operate the wick adjuster, it was just that is leaked. I have since sent it back for a replacement. So this is why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I would not hesitate to get this lamp based on my issue. It is very nice and I am sure the replacement will function properly. I use the Ultra pure lamp oil I purchase at ACE hardware. No smoke/smell and the cleanest burning fuel I have ever used. Hope this helps.
  • Great for collectors of vintage lamps

    Michael, 12/26/2016 My father loved this gift! he had such a good time tinkering with it on xmas.
  • Transplant trowel, brass miner's oil lamp and stitcher sewing awl.

    Sticher Sewing Awl, Brass Miner's Oil Lamp, and transplant trowel., 12/18/2016 I bought these items as Christmas presents for my sister. When I received the items I was surprised by the workmanship. I'm sure she will enjoy them for years to come.

  • Nice soft light from a well made lamp

    John, 12/15/2016 These are very well, Indian made brass and glass lamps. Clever design, with a wick pusher wire that operates from under the base of the lamp. Filling is straightforward, accomplished by unscrewing the entire base from the superstructure, then unscrewing the wick holder from the base. The wick will need to be repositioned in its holder during reassembly, then readjusted with the wire adjuster. A very soft, warm one candlepower lamp. For ambiance rather than illumination. Although I do plan to use this in our RV come Spring. Pleasantly surprised. I know this review is a bit lengthy, but thought it might prove helpful to others, as the lamp arrives sans directions.
  • Brass Miner's Oil Lamps

    William Marsh, 11/25/2016 Awesome Lamp! The Quality is very nice and they have a nice weight to them as well! I saw no problem with how to fill, adjusting the wick and the proper fuel to use. If this is your first lamp ever, I guess one could say Duh, how do these things work. Simple instructions to me. Very good shipping Protection also!!
  • No instructions

    Eric Russell, 6/21/2016 I recieved the lamp today, it looks very nice. Unfortunately, it came with no liturature at all. I did not know what the small disk shapped item was until I looked it up (a funnel apparantly). The lamp says right on the bottom to only use paraffin, but this site says I can use lamp oil or kerosene. I do not know what I can use. Without instructions of any kind, it took awhile just to figure out how to put fuel in it.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Miner's Lamp. We are sorry to hear the instructions were not included. For further assistance, please call our technical department at 1-800-221-2942.
  • Beautiful Lamp

    Tom K, 5/10/2016 Very attractive lamps. A bit of a disconnect between the fuel information label on the lamp and that described in the technical information sheet included. Also the provided "funnel" (which is not described in the information sheet) is non-functional. I used a bar-b-q injector. As decorative pieces, they're beautiful. As functional lamps, they are a bit challenging, but do work.
  • Love the lamp!

    Austin, 4/11/2016 Great lamp, I have both the small and large and they both perform well.
  • Worth it

    Rick R, 4/25/2015 Looks good & Works Great - as advertised.
  • Very Nice Lamps

    Gary Picha, 1/1/2015 Nice lamps, functional, but mostly nostalgic. Hard to fill, but otherwise a very nice lamp.
  • Miners Lamp

    Robin, 1/20/2014 Burns well, looks great, but looks a little imported.
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