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Clearance Brass Precision Oiler
Pinpoint applicator is as precise as it gets
Great for office desk, briefcase or backpack
54A01.02 Brass Precision Oiler

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This comes out of the custom gunsmith world where precision parts, exact fitting and beautiful material are the byword. The 3" long 3/8" diameter oil reservoir is designed for small quantities of high-grade light machine oils. The brass "dip-stick" has a small paddle-shaped tip to pull up a single drop at a time, while its 2-1/2" length allows you to apply it to a precise spot even in hard to reach, tight spots. Knurled cap fitted with O-ring seal.

Traditional styling, precision machining and a handsome buff-polish finish makes the All Brass Precision Oiler a splendid piece of gear for anyone who likes very nice stuff with everything running smoothly. Recommended.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • High quality for a tiny package

    Joseph Castro, 6/24/2018 This brass precision oiler is quality-made through-and-through. I was made aware of this fact as soon as I picked it up. It's solid and very well crafted. I will used this oiler extensively during my gun-cleaning and fishing reel cleaning ventures. My only gripe: the shipping and handling charges are rather outrageous for such a small item. But aside from this, I am glad I purchased the brass precision oiler. Its a very good tool.
  • A Practical Applicator

    Gary Holscher , 12/17/2017 Such a quality and very useful all brass oil applicator. Don’t know how many times I needed a very small drop of oil on a trigger pin or spring that was just out of reach, forcing me to aim a shot of too much oil from the factory tube. This little applicator does a precision job and keeps me from over oiling my guns or fly reels. I bought two, one for the gun bench and the other in my flyfishing gear bag. Another unique tool I found only at Garrett Wade. Thanks.
  • NICE!

    Robert, 6/26/2016 Nice piece of gear. Well made. Perfect for the range bag and cleaning station. Wish I had purchased two.
  • Precision oiler

    Patricia Flood, 4/13/2016 It's great. It gets into the tiniest spaces without making a mess. I love it.
  • Didn't understand all I knew.

    Dale Eatinger, 3/13/2016 I was misled by your description, I didn't realize that it was a stick and dip, I thought it was a flow needle. I work in a jail, the door hinges are very tight and contain ball bearings. I use a needle type applicator to lube these hinges. But I think the needle will screw onto the brass housing . I'll tell you for sure tomorrow! If it doesn't work, I have a new tool for my tool box.
  • Yup. You want this.

    Mike Monnett, 3/4/2016 If you're a fanatic of things well made, you'll buy this, and you'll probably see my name on other GW product reviews. I have the pinpoint oiler; I bought this because it ISN'T MADE IN CHINA. Made right here in America, and someone clearly paid some attention to detail when they made it -- it's first rate. I own an Airstream that I like to pamper, so I filled this with Boeshield T-9 waterproof lubricant (I'm not on commission -- really) and I use it to lovingly pamper the exterior hinges once a month. Lubricant where I need it, and nowhere else.
  • Well Made Oiler

    Mark Larkin, 1/2/2015 Very nice oiler. Solid brass with substantial O ring and a steel rod. I will keep this with my rifles and use it on the range.
  • You Can DIY

    dvr666, 9/17/2014 As usual, I bought more than 1. I modified mine to get a smaller drop of oil. Easy to make, had some spare SS round stock and just for the fun of it(being polite) decided to made one. Of course I have my own precision milling, lathe and drill. 15min later, 2 were done. GW are good, I made them better by knurling the whole tube, better grip. I have GW other specialty oiler for 10 years.
  • Handy Oiler

    Matt, 8/17/2014 What surprised me most about this oiler is it's heft. It is not tin can" thin like I was expecting, but more like a drilled out brass rod. I put some 3 in 1 oil in it and started going around the house oiling door hinges. It gives you good control over where the drop of oil will go. The o-ring seal works pretty good, but you will probably want to store it standing up just in case. "
  • Emil Zurcher, 7/1/2014 Just what I needed to lubricate my model trains.
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