All Brass Table-Top Oil Lamp

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All Brass Table-Top Oil Lamp
Radiate charm and elegance - even unlit
Set the mood with soft, warm light
87A01.04 7" Brass Oil Table Lamp

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87A01.05 Replacement Wicks (5)

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87A01.14 Replacement Glass for 7" Lamp

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87A01.35 Brass Wall Mount for 7" Lamp

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A traditional, classic English design, both are exquisitely made by hand of Solid Brass and burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene equally well for hours before a refill is needed. (Either will be available locally.) It is, frankly, hard to find these of this high quality at such a reasonable cost.

These are full reproductions (including the green shipping tube) of the traditional, classic English design.

The lamp is also available in Solid Brass & Stainless Steel and in Solid Brass & Copper.

See below for more information on the Oil Lamps.

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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Overall Rating
  • Yum!

    Annie, 11/27/2017 Very pretty. My husband wanted it for his office d├ęcor.
  • Award

    Jeff, 11/20/2017 These are used as awards for a long standing program. They are never lit but used to display the importance of the award.
  • Fine item

    Jeff Johnston, 9/17/2017 Beautiful product, lousy packaging. The plastic end-cap tubular packaging arrived broken, glass was intact in our example. Nice product, pain in the a** to have to unscrew the base every time it's lit or extinguished. It would help to include some type of instructions for those unfamiliar with oil lamp functioning, at this price there's no excuse for no instructions.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Table Top Oil Lamp. We apologize that the lamp was not packed well, and will address this issue with our shipping department. We have some useful instructions which we will be emailing to you.

  • 7" lantern

    Jerry Reshetat, 8/19/2017 This is an awesome little lantern. It fits perfectly in my 22' sailboat and provides a pleasing light. Love it!
  • Beautiful Copper And Brass Lamps

    Arthur D., 8/7/2017 I purchased the larger lamps and found them to be VERY attractive, quality very good, not excellent. No instructions, but I'm mechanically inclined, so I went thru a learning curve, and willing to share.
    1.Take the base to a hardware store and purchase a small funnel to fill. Use a 1/3 measuring cup to fill so as not to over fill.
    2. Adjust the wick to no more then 1/8th inch, closer to 1/16th, more then this causes too much flame and over heats the copper chimney turning it a deeper red, I find it very attractive myself, gives it character.
    3. You have to remove the base to light, so use a needle to adjust the flame up or down. Most definitely practice assembling/ disassembling a few times before adding oil and/or lighting. Let it burn a couple of minutes before installing to stabilize the flame, about 3/4's of an inch.
    4. It's my understanding that these lanterns should have had a1/2 inch opening in the back to blow into to extinguish the flame, if not,to extinguish the flame just hold your hand behind the glass and chimney or base and blow sharply into the vent openings of the base or chimney DO NOT TOUCH, IT'S VERY HOT! Works every time, no problem!
    The glass was cracked in both lamps so I chose to have Garrett Wade ship me new glass, and replaced them my self, much faster that way, about 5 days. I used very fine emery or crocus cloth to smooth the ends of the two glasses. They were very sharp and rough.
    I've had them about 7 months now and burned them many times. My wife and I love them and I'd buy them again.
    4. Base gets quite hot so hang it or place on heat pads. I purchased the hangers and also extra wicks to save on shipping costs.
  • A Collectors Piece

    Joanne Burns, 6/26/2017 Stunningly beautiful lantern. Very well constructed. My great grandfather was a Welshman and I purchased this lamp in his memory for my daughter BUT I may not part with it. It is sitting in my China Closet. I have not fired it up just yet but plan to when the season changes to Fall. I can just picture it on my mantel lighting the evening. I am very happy with my new lantern.
  • Really wanted these to work

    Barney Martin, 1/19/2017 I give these a 5 for beauty and construction. But what good is a lamp that you can't adjust the wick height unless you discombobulate the lamp, thereby getting your fingers full of oil (if you've already filled it)? And you can't blow the lamp out without taking it apart. So keep potholders handy because the top is too hot to handle.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Brass Table Top Oil Lamp. We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. We've emailed some helpful instructions to you. If you have further questions, please get in touch with our technician at 1-800-221-2942.
  • Small Brass Table top lamp review

    Woody J. , 7/12/2016 Since I bough both the 8 1/2" and the 7" Brass Oil Lamps, don't know which I like better. Both are well made and use the same fuel (oil or kerosene although the larger one states Paraffin, i.e., kerosene). Both were originally designated as Christmas gifts until I received them and now all bets are off since I am keeping them. They are well made and exactly what I expected from the pictures which I viewed very closely before ordering them. In addition to the Brass lamps, I bought extra wicks and tried them for fit - no issues. Great product.
  • Didn't work for me

    Mary Ankesheiln, 7/11/2016 While the look and quality was superb the lamp didn't allow for easy use. The bottom container was too small to hold much oil and wick was difficult to adjust. Followed the instructions but when first lit the flame was uncontrollable and difficult to put out. Nearly impossible to adjust wick (manually). Unfortunately I had to return it.
  • Garrett Wade 7" Brass Table Top Oil Lamp

    Frances K. Walsh, 3/4/2016 I bought the 7" Brass Table Oil Lamp and "Love" it. I burn it every night even now in the month of March. My only negative comment is the cost of replacing the wick. Charging about $9.95 for shipping and handling to replace the wicks seems very high since they weigh so little- could put them in an envelope and and mail for just one or two stamps.
  • Beautiful Copper And Brass Lamps

    Owen, 5/4/2015 Beautiful Copper and solid brass lamps. Also come in all-brass and brass\stainless. I got the copper\brass as I found them most esthetically pleasing. Feel quite sturdy and I look forward to decades of use and enjoyment. These are miner-style lamps, without the flame suppressor screen inside (don't use for actual mining, but they're quite nice for use in your home). Come in two sizes (I got the larger). Produce a soft, warm light which burns for ages on minimal paraffin, if you keep the wick low and properly trimmed. Wicks are NOT adjustable when the lamp is closed (unlike my Feur Hand hurricane lamps), so test for a suitable burn before you close up, and keep in mind they burn a bit higher (and consume more paraffin) once it's heated up a bit. Once you get it to where you like just leave it there for future use. Top of lamps get quite hot after being lit awhile, so use an oven mitt or similar to disassemble in order to blow out if you haven't got the lungs to do it through the air holes at the top (I can get it 4 attempts out of 5 that way). For this treason I don't like using them as 'table-top' lamps, but would rather hang them. Just be aware and act accordingly; you'll be fine. Caveats: Included 'funnels' are rubbish; They look more like a tambourine bangle than a funnel, and leak terribly should you try to use them to fill the lamps (basically bowl-shaped with a hole at the bottom, and depend on gravity or perhaps happy thoughts alone to hold them in place and prevent leakage - It doesn't work). Don't use them, instead find a small funnel that inserts into the opening. In a pinch you could use a zip-lock with the corner just snipped off. would be nice if they included small conical funnels of an appropriate size instead. The packing used has what I consider a significant issue (plastic end-caps on the cardboard tubes are brittle and 2/3 of them had shattered into bits by the time they reached my home
  • Excellent Product

    Bill, 2/4/2015 This beautiful kerosene lantern is sturdy and well made. It indicates that it is patterned after Welsh miners' lamps, yet it is made in India. It will be an added attraction on our gallery table when spring arrives.
  • Disappointed

    George, 1/6/2015 I bought, from Garrett Wade, 10 years ago, what I thought were the same lamps. Newly purchased lamps are beautiful, but slightly dysfunctional; the wick cannot be controlled from outside the lamp as the old ones allowed; also, the new ones are smaller and more difficult to fill.
  • Top Quality

    David Miller, 12/29/2014 The brass lamps are beautiful and cannot wait to try them. We do experience periodic power failures and thought these would come in very handy. Also, will look great in our Florida room for low night lighting atmosphere. Thanks GW
  • Small Miner's Oil Lamp

    Steve, 11/23/2014 Had been wanting one of the lamps for some time to add to a group of other miner's lamps in my mineral collection. Though it looked a little too new at first I soon had a little patina on it and had it lit. Filling and lighting I found quite easy using my own little funnel. My wife liked it so much when lit it will become part of the Christmas centerpiece on the dining table this year (maybe I will have to get the larger one for that..). These are very nice and well made though there was an issue with one of the screws inside a brass leg being stripped and could not be snugged up, my only reason for a 4 rating. All in all, the sale price was right, the quality very good and the look spot on. Sometime I probably will get an original, but until then this is a perfect and functional little jewel. Thanks Garrett Wade!
  • Description of Lamp Design

    Bruce Berry, 11/5/2014 The lamps were designed to prevent coal mine gases from being ignited, by intent they are not readily opened to expose the flame. The extra durability and effort are part of the lamp, mining is hard, dangerous and abusive. The lamp can be easily opened while burning if the hook on the top is grasped and the based turned with your other hand. When first lighting the lamp make sure not to twist the base on too tightly. The wick should just be visible above the metal. With a little familiarity the lamp becomes like anything else and a joy to use. Extra wick will make the lamp burn too bright and hot. Then the oven mit is necessary. On the good side the lamp cannot be blown out by accident or wind. It will last a couple of centuries without change in appearance or functionality. Anything breaks and it can be repaired with minimal mechanical knowledge. If only everything we use were as reliable and functional as this design. The only difference between this lamp and the original Welsh lamps are the double screens inside the top part or hat. The screens prevented flames from burning explosive gases from exiting the lamp and blowing the mine. The flames were watched carefully by the miners to see if the color and intensity changed. Indicating coal gas was present. If you search oil lamps online, you will notice that only a few lamps really caught on and sold in high volume. This lamp was one of them. I love this design and the evolution of what made it. We are looking at the result of industrialization in Victorian England and its need for energy. Coupled with the inventiveness generated by the era to solve a safety issue.

    Response By: Garrett Wade
    Thank you. You've described the lamp's operation, simple beauty, practicality, longevity and historical fascination perfectly and succinctly. As you note, these are not the actual mine safety lamps. They are simplified reproductions that are not intended for use as safety lamps.
  • Brass Table Top Oil Lamps

    Amanda, 4/2/2014 These are absolutely beautiful. I purchased them for my wedding and could not be happier.
  • Nice Oil Lamp

    Bruce, 12/11/2013 The lamp works great, the only thing you have to watch out for is when you are putting it out it gets very hot to handle unscrewing the base from the lamp. that's the only thing bad about it other than that I would buy it again.
  • No Instructions

    Lawence Ritter, 12/10/2013 Very nice lamp but where are the instructions ?
  • Cute but not functional

    JGR, 4/15/2013 It would have been nice to have instructions included in the package. The lamp isn't convenient, nor even particularly safe to use, given that the oil reservoir must be separated from the top to light it or extinguish it (not good) . It is necessary to handle the lamp with an oven mitt to remove the top once it's been burning for more than a few seconds (very definitely not good!) I appreciate that the instructions are now available online, but I'd strongly suggest that you mention in those instructions that the lamp will leak oil if it is not kept upright. Customers should buy this lamp for its looks, not as a practical light source. That said, I bought the lamp as a gift for my 91 year old mother-in-law, who has a fondness for such things, and she's very happy with it.
  • High Quailty

    Logan, 2/25/2013 This picture is great but the lamp itself is a very solid and heavy weight quality.
  • question about glass mantel cover

    GCW, 2/11/2013 I like this lamp very much, though do have trouble extinguishing it. The glass cover over the wick/mantel has broken. Do you have a replacement for the larger size?
  • Defective design

    Bryan, 1/8/2013 Nice looking lamp, but not very functional. It came with no instructions and it appears there is no way to blow out the wick once the lamp is lit without unscrewing the base from the lamp (which is apparently how you light it too). The lamp quickly gets very hot when lit and unscrewing the base then becomes very difficult requiring an oven mitt or something similar. I wrote to Garrett Wade about my problem and never received a reply, very disappointing customer service.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear that you experienced trouble with this item. Instructions for this item have now become available and we have sent them your way. You may also view these instructions by Clicking Here. And we are also very sorry to hear that you did not receive adequate customer service. We will most certainly address this issue. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. "
  • Excellent

    Don, 12/7/2012 Great product. Heavy duty build, very safe,and not smokey at all if you purchase the correct fuel. Thank You
  • Welsh Miners Oil Lamp

    Jeff H, 12/1/2012 Traditional well made, super heavy construction. Produces sufficient light. Upper chimney gets hot. Slightly smokey, even with minimum wick. Good alternative to candle when you lose electricity.
  • Lantern comes with no instructions

    Mr Knowledge, 9/16/2012 I purchased two of these lanterns. They look good but neither came with any instructions. I found some instructions online to learn how to use them. These lanterns do not give off much light and could be very dangerous if the wrong fuel is used in them. I suggest you use them only outside.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Our apologies for your not receiving instructions for the lamp. You should receive them shortly. Paraffin (kerosene, as it is known in the U.S.) is the only fuel that should be used in the lamp.
  • Wonderful lamps

    Jeff, 9/6/2012 These are wonderful attractive lamps that give off very nice even light. We use for camping and when the power goes off!
    The only thing not providing a higher rating is that they came with no directions and a curious cap of some sort that no one can figure out what its for ?!?!?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are sorry to hear that instructions weren't included with the lamp. They are on their way to you. It is suggested in the instructions that the small brass disc (funnel) be discarded.
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