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Genuine British-Made & a lot of fun
75E02.01 Metropolitan Police Whistle

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75E03.01 Safety-At-Sea Horn

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75E04.01 Siren Horn

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These little beauties are the genuine articles. The Metropolitan is the classic British police whistle. Made famous by the old Sherlock Holmes films, they were introduced to Scotland Yard in 1883 by this very maker. These 3" long solid brass, nickel-plated whistles are still in use today, and are great for security. Start blowing on this, and the bad guys will run away while the good guys come to help.

The Horn is approved by the British "Safety-Of Life-At-Sea" regulations. It's 6" long, solid brass, and lets out a loud, raucous blast. The Siren Horn also simulates anything: wind, hurricanes, fire engines, and anything in between. The harder you blow, the louder and more piercing the sound. It is 7" long, made of nickel-plated solid brass.

Use them to attract attention on the job site, on the farm, or at sea, or to bring in the family for supper. Above all, they are beautifully made, and good, plain fun. Blow on one and you'll agree.

Made in Great Britain.

The alternative image shows the Police Whistle with the Double Stirrup Key Ring.

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Overall Rating
  • Great for use at sport games

    Thomas Adderley, 12/27/2017 I purchased two of the Police Whistles for use at Hockey games when the home team scores and boy are they loud.
  • Loud

    Karen, 2/24/2015 I bought the whistle to use for special events since my whistle is not as loud. I also bought it to use when I go camping to help scare bears if encountered. It will also be useful on our boat.
  • Take Note Parents!

    Jeffery Sharp, 10/18/2013 In the world we live in today child safety should be a parents first concern. This whistle is one of the steps I've taken to ensure I can get to my kids if we become separated and they find themselves in some kind of emergency. One blow and everyone will know they need help. Yes everyone in the immediate area, and for quite some distance away, will take notice! Some might even get angry at the volume a single blow can create, but, THEY WILL STOP AND LOOK! And as a parent, or anyone else experiencing an emergency for that matter, you want as many people to look as possible to ensure help as quickly as possible. I have one for each of my two kids, my wife and myself. We wear them for boating, geocaching, hiking and for outings where we might encounter crowds and become separated like fairs, flea markets and parades. All that being said, I'm not a paranoid parent, but it is comforting to know that should my child encounter an emergency, they have the means to attract help!
  • Attention Getter

    Lou Sarlo, 7/5/2011 Excellent, well made horn. And what a blast" of noise. I have two wonderful grandsons, ages 9 and 5. But they have a habit of not responding to me if they are engaged in their games. Well that will be a thing of the past when I give them a toot on my new Safety At Sea Horn. Sure to get their attention. And a laugh as well. Thank you Garrett Wade for the quality of your items."
  • Just like Old London

    Joe, 1/27/2011 Didn't think I could find an authentic London police whistle, but here it is. Takes me back to my time abroad, Sherlock Holmes movies, and my dogs just love it.
  • Whistle

    Paul F Connolly, 7/1/2009 The police whistle is very handy, I have had this on my key ring for years...and I use it often to signal my dogs. They respond to the whistle faster than my shouting...glad I have it.
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