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Brass Whistle, Horn & Siren
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These little beauties are the genuine articles. The Metropolitan is the classic British police whistle. Made famous by the old Sherlock Holmes films, they were introduced to Scotland Yard in 1883 by this very maker. These 3" long solid brass, nickel-plated whistles are still in use today, and are great for security. Start blowing on this, and the bad guys will run away while the good guys come to help.

The Horn is approved by the British "Safety-Of Life-At-Sea" regulations. It's 6" long, solid brass, and lets out a loud, raucous blast. The Siren Horn also simulates anything: wind, hurricanes, fire engines, and anything in between. The harder you blow, the louder and more piercing the sound. It is 7" long, made of nickel-plated solid brass.

Use them to attract attention on the job site, on the farm, or at sea, or to bring in the family for supper. Above all, they are beautifully made, and good, plain fun. Blow on one and you'll agree.

Made in Great Britain.

The alternative image shows the Police Whistle with the Double Stirrup Key Ring.
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