British Army/Navy Knives

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British Army/Navy Knives
Made in England, they are the real thing
58B01.01 Two Bladed British Army Knife

Available 02/20/2021


58B01.02 Three Bladed British Navy Knife with Marlinspike

Available 03/15/2021


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All steel construction, made by Ibberson, one of Sheffield's oldest cutlery firms. Each has a 2-1/4" Sheepsfoot style blade designed with exceptional strength and an old-style can opener. In addition the sailor's tool has a pointed marlinspike, for rope work. Rugged tools for rugged work. Both knives are engraved 'British Army'.
Two Bladed Army Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel & Brass
Two Bladed Army Knife w/ Marlinspike Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel & Brass
Steel - Stainless steel aisi420S45
Hardness - RC 53
Blade Thickness - .098"
Black Length - 2.36"
Overall Length - 3.74"
Weight - 100 grams

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Overall Rating
  • Genuine British army knife

    Richard . A, 12/30/2020 I work as a machinist. This marlin spike really helps to clean out small crevices with the hook on the can opener and flat blade to scrape machined surfaces clean . When I dial in a live 90 degree tool I need a way to manipulate the drill to line it up to within .001 of play. The spike fits on 1 of the four bolt holes so i have a good grip and can dial it in with a dial indicator much easier. This would make a handy machinist tool to work on tooling up turrets when grime and fine chips are bad news. This will get most if not all machined surfaces back to flat. Great tool. The certificate of authenticity and box means whomever made it stands behind it.
  • British Army Knife with Marlin Spike

    Michael Shea, 12/25/2020 I love this knife. But, you state in the product description that the overall length is 6 and 5/16 inches. The actual length is 4" . Quite a discrepancy! I suggest changing the product description. 6" would be too big for this kind of knife anyway. Overall, very satisfied.
  • Now that's a knife!

    .Michael , 11/30/2020 After being disappointed with the other English knife I decided to try the Navy British knife. Excellent quality, rugged and sharp. Very impressive pocket knife.
  • Almost perfect

    Will Middleton, 7/10/2020 I have had this knife with me for probably 10 years now. It has been in use all those years and can say I have used all three blades and the screwdriver at various times. The blade for a stainless steel knife has been easy to sharpen and holds an edge well . The marlin spike has come in handy on untold number of times in untying stubborn knots. Although the marlin spike, knife and bottle/can opener were tight they did manage to loosen up some other than the bottle opener which still on occasion will break a nail. Having said all that I was expecting to pass this down to one of my grandkids. Unfortunately today the spring that holds the knife open broke which makes the knife less than safe to carry or to use. Would love to have it repaired but short of finding another one with a different problem that I could take apart will have to purchase another one. I have never had the spring in a pocket knife fail like this. It is almost indestructible but it may fail on occasion.
  • Exactly what I was looking for!

    Robert, 6/6/2020 I had some interaction with some British, Australian and Canadian Air Force personnel and one of them, though I can't for the life of me remember which, had this amazing knife. The British Navy Knife. I contacted Egginton Bros. LTD, the company that makes this knife, and they told me I could purchase it thru Garrett Wade. The knife I saw was die stamped and the one sold on Garret Wade is laser etched, so I asked a question regarding the lettering on the handle, I was provided the following response: "Around 12 months ago, we began laser-marking the knife scales rather than die-stamping. The laser marking method is clearer, faster and allows us to be flexible with stocking. Die-stamping has to take part early on in the manufacturing process which gave us less flexibility. Laser-marking is acceptable to our main retail customers and to the British Ministry of Defence, who still purchase our folding clasp knives in good numbers" So Garrett Wade is an authorized retailer of this genuine product, which I absolutely love.
  • Two bladed army knife

    Pigman , 6/1/2020 Very nice solid knive, stiff enough when opened, you don't have to worry about it closing on you, my new favorite carry knive
  • Sturdy knife for work

    Nolan, 9/23/2019 Very nice tool. The blade came razor sharp out of the box and the marlin spike will come in very handy at my work place. Thank you Garrett Wade!
  • British Navy Knife

    Doug, 3/23/2019 If you use ropes or nylon ratchet straps and tie off the loose ends, then the marlin spike is a handy thing to have. I keep one in the truck all the time. This one is well made, and should last a lifetime. Very happy with this purchase.
  • British Steel

    Jim, 1/19/2019 Brilliant! I purchased the two bladed version. Among my several pocket knives, this one has become my favorite. It is truly a beautiful and classic style knife. The straight blade opens to an angle slightly less than the handle, which makes cutting open boxes a pleasure. The can / bottle opener is the appropriate tool for opening my pint bottles of English ale. This knife makes a great gift for any Anglophile you may know, and will last a lifetime.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2019 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, James!!
  • Opens with difficulty

    L. Marie Willard, 1/25/2018 The marlin spike and straight blade are well-designed and crafted. The opener is difficult to raise into its use position. Under calm conditions these are only minor inconveniences, perhaps. I have very strong fingers and hands but don't want to risk ripping off a thumbnail or have to use a screw driver to work the implements. For a highly rated tool combo these are not good features.
  • Everyday knife

    Cary Smith, 7/31/2017 Tough, sharp- be careful, and ready. A great one to keep in the vehicle for everything.
  • A memorable and useful gift for graduates

    Scott Sherlock, 5/19/2017 A distinctive looking knife, with every-day useful tools-sheeps foot blade, marlinspike and bottle-opener--I've had mine for 15 years. Carry it regularly. Just picked up three as presents for recently graduated relatives and friends. I'm expecting they'll find it both a memorable and useful gift
  • british navyknive

    todjesso, 5/12/2017 always wanted one, old school navy rocks
  • Awesome Tool

    Donald T McIvor, 1/31/2017 First quality! My first time using a marlinspike. EXCELLENT
  • good knife

    james minor, 1/22/2017 Absolutely what I expected. This is the first I have seen and will by others for presents
  • Brilliantly made

    Simon Tidd, 9/30/2016 Really well made. Will have this forever.
  • Great Knife

    Daniel Tabisula, 7/22/2016 There were times I've needed to undo stubborn knots and have searched for an ice pick, nail, anything to stick through and loosen the knot. This three blade will be a very useful item in my tool collection.
  • Good Knife.

    Chris, 11/25/2015 Bought the two bladed one from another store in Canada but for a slightly lower price and no shipping. Very happy with this knife plus it might have been made by a distant relative. My only gripe is the angle that the blade makes with the handle which is a DESIGN issue not the fault of the knife's.
  • Cool Blade

    Mark Faris, 9/4/2015 I like cool stuff. Stuff that is as much art as it is useful. Quality is imperative. This little unit qualifies. I added it to my key chain. It makes me smile.
  • Old Salt Landlubber Tool

    Honest Arnie, 7/10/2015 Regardless of whether you're a real sailor or a landlubber anglophile like me, you'll be happy with the quality and useful tools on this 3 'blade' knife. I don't know yet what use I'll find for the marlinspike, but for now I'm having fun just opening and closing it. If you like arty knives, this one is a real conversation piece!
  • Happy Then, Happy Now!

    Bob Doyle, 1/17/2015 It's been 5 years since I purchased the first of these knives. Have given them as gifts they are that good. I don't have a negative thing to say about them. For the money they are a lot of knife. I believe if people use them, they will love them. I will order more in the future as need arises.
  • Needs A Shackle Key

    Ron, 1/13/2015 I'm a sailor (as in sailboat sailor). As I was casting about for a Christmas gift for a fellow sailor, I came upon your British Navy knife. I didn't buy it because it didn't have a shackle key; a very important accessory for anyone who has tried to open a tight headboard shackle on a mains'l halyard. Add a shackle key and I'll buy several for each of my crew. I did end up buying your stainless steel yachtsman knife (it does have a shackle key) though, and it's wonderful.
  • Navy Knife Is Well Made.

    Blueknight7777, 12/6/2014 I just got this the other day and it is a very well made knife that should hold up well. The spike is handy if you are doing rope work. It is not a small knife however and will take up most of your pocket space if that's where you decide to carry it. Very well worth the money!
  • Husband Will Love It

    Karen, 11/17/2014 I just received the two bladed knife. It is very well made and will be a new favorite.
  • Never Too Many Pocket Knives

    Lawrence Hall, 9/21/2014 Last year I bought from Garrett Wade their nifty little single-blade British Army pocket knife. It is sturdy, dependable, no-nonsense, and a topic of conversation. However, a man sometimes needs a bottle and can opener too, and while the single-blade will still be my Sunday-go-to-meeting knife, for daily use the three-bladed model, with blade, bottle / can opener, flat-blade screwdriver, and multi-purpose spike will be my daily vade mecum (Latin for go with me," meaning an item used every day)."
  • 2 of 3 isn't OK

    Ed, 8/11/2014 I've owned this knife for several years and have used both the blade and the marlinspike on multiple occasions, I had not used the can opener before reading Walt's review but tried it to see if I agreed with his comment. He is correct; it will not open cans. I've reviewed the picture of the knife shown on this web display and it looks like the can opener blade has been sharpened (on the Army version) but that is certainly not the fact in real life. The supposed cutting edge is a smoothly rounded full cross section of the entire blade. Please do not offer this knife or any other product without testing its function. I'm a backpacker and am glad I did not discover this issue 10 miles in the wilderness.
  • Not A Can Opener

    Walt Sullivan, 8/5/2014 I love the knife, but I tried the can opener and it tore the rim but would not puncture the lid. This blade appears to be completely unsharpened, opens beer bottles well however. I think a note to the manufacturer is in order. Maybe they seal their cans with tin foil in the UK.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for the review. We have discussed this with the manufacturer and they suspect that you may have received a knife with a can opener tip that is more rounded than usual. We have tested the example we have here and, though completely unsharpened, it had no difficulty opening a can. This particular model has always had an unsharpened can opener that is useful for many other jobs, including opening beer bottles. Sharpened can openers cannot always do that, and that is why this model has not had a can opener that is any sharper than necessary. Please feel free to return it for an exchange.
  • Good Blade

    Edward Arlt, 2/17/2014 This is a good quality knife. Well made from first class materials. I was pleased with it and intend to buy another.
  • 2 Blade Army Knife

    Wayne, 1/7/2014 Just received this knife as a Christmas gift. The knife is very well constructed and it is very sharp. Feels solid in your hand.
  • Army/Navy Knife

    Greg, 12/20/2013 Great knife, very handy
  • Great Knife with a Reservation

    Steve H, 11/13/2013 I purchased the sailors knife and have had it just a couple of days. This is a well made, sturdy, sharp and heavy enough to feel good in hand. I love the opener blade BUT that's where the problem lies. It is larger than many other knives but I can't open it with out using pliers to grip it. I'm working it open and closing, about 100 times so far and still won't loosen up.... A Great knife with that reservation......
  • Sturdy and Practical

    Mack Hall, 11/2/2013 No Chinese or Swiss plastic gimcrackery here; these tough knives are all steel and crafted in England. Designed for British soldiers and sailors, one of these will be your best pal when camping and hunting, in the shop, and on the job. Garrett Wade's really fast service makes buying one or two of these an even better deal. And, with Christmas coming, a British Army Knife from Garrett Wade would make an economical but very thoughtful gift for those who appreciate excellence and understatement in their field gear.
  • solid knife

    James Creasy, 9/29/2013 This knife is one of the most solid of the knives that i have in my collection. Although I'll probably never use the knife because i just like to collect them. I did examine it and it was better built then some of my more expensive knives. I don't think you could go wrong buying this one for everyday use.and you can't beat the price for this quality...
  • Dull Knife

    Robert J, 9/24/2013 Nicely made, but came duller that a 6-foot third grader. Sharpened OK after 20 mins on the stones. Unacceptable.
  • A Working Tool for a Working Man

    Lawrence Hall, 9/4/2013 My old dad always said that a man is not fully dressed without his pocket knife. He won a Silver Star for his actions in the Battle of the Bulge, and in his life as a soldier and a farmer he never felt the need for flash and trash -- I can imagine what he would say about the current obsession among keyboard commandos with tactical" junk made in China. His pocket knives were always sturdy, honest, and workmanlike, just like him. The British Army Knife, in its three variants, is all that - sturdy, honest, and workmanlike. Made in England, this tool, every part formed from steel, is also a work of art, simple and elegant in design and function. There is no plastic, no little electric light, no tweezers, no gimmicks, just steel and craftsmanship. The three-blade model features a tough blade in what is known as the sheep-foot pattern, a bottle / can opener, a spike for working cordage, and, as part of the handle, a flat protrusion for use as a pry or a flat-blade screwdriver. The two-blade model omits the spike. There is a hard-to-find single-blade model which features the sheep-foot blade only, omitting even the prying feature, and this is a good one for carrying in the pocket of your Sunday-go-to-meetin' pants without stressing the pocket. All three models feature a hinged shackle; I attached a dogtag with my name and address on it to mine. The British Army Knife is a well-made tool, not a shiny toy, and any man will find it worthy in his work and in his pocket."
  • Minimalists Dream

    Chuck McGary, 7/23/2013 This little knife has everything you need in a hurry. Built to last, sharp, and functional. The marlin spike is a must for climbers or anyone that deals with ropes and knots. A great little outdoors light weight tool.
  • Marine Comrade

    Andrey V, 4/3/2013 This knife will be very interesting to people connected with the sea. Traveling with this knife, you can be sure it is 100%, it never fails and will not fail you.
  • Classic

    Kurt, 3/20/2013 I have to say this is one of the best knife purchases I have made. The quality of the (3 blade) knife is many times better then I had expected. Extremely well made. I was rather surprised by the size of it. Bulkier then most pocket knifes. It will be a great addition to my camping bag.
  • British Army Knife

    David Fosse, 1/2/2013 Small, manual, practical. Very basic, handy knife that fits into pockets and can be available everywhere. The blade shape & grind are strong and durable. It is also clear that, even though the knife is modestly priced, the workmanship is precise and the knife was finished by hand. Best of Sheffield craftsmanship on display.
  • 3 Blade British Army Knife

    JT, 2/27/2012 Let me start by saying thank you so much for the excellent customer service I received from Garrett Wade, you guys made my shopping experience a pleasure !!
    Now on to the 3 blade British Army Knife made in Sheffield England. I received this knife today and it's exceeded all my expectations !! This is a very well build knife and I'm sure it will last me the rest of my life. I purchased this knife for camping because my wife and I use Grand Trunk Hammocks while we camp , they tie between two trees. Because no two trees are the same distance apart , we were constantly having to adjust the knots on the hanging ropes. For years I've carried my 1968 U.S. Camillus pocket knife. It's all stainless steel , has a bottle opener, can opener, flat screw driver , blade and leather punch. I had always wished it had a Marlinspike instead of the leather punch to help untie them hammock knots. I also wanted a Clevis ( also known as a Bale or Shackle ) on my pocket knife because I clip my pocket knives to my belt using a key ring belt clip , this way it's always easy to get at and doesn't wear a hole in my pockets. I can also use the Clevis to tie a rope on so I don't loose it while on the water fishing.
    I looked everywhere for an American Made knife of the same great quality of my U.S. Camillus but with a Marlinspike instead of a leather belt punch , and I could not find one. Although I wish the 3 Blade British Army Knife had a bottle opener on it , I will still be able to open bottles with it. Since the British are Good Friends and Ally's of the United States I didn't mind supporting them by buying this very well made 3 blade British Army Knife from Sheffield England. I can tell right away that this knife is going to be my new favorite pocket knife for years and years to come. Thank you Garrett Wade for offering such a great knife at a great price !!
    If you take the first letters from British Army Navy Knife it spell
  • Rough finish hides smooth functionality

    TDK, 2/16/2012 I've got to admit I was taken aback when I first saw the British Navy Knife. It looked like it had been assembled from a kit by a not-very bright teenager with tool marks on the scales, the pins looking hand peened, and the shackle showing the fine workmanship you'd expect from an 18th Century metal shop. The motto Genuine British Army Knife" looked like a bad joke. What the heck, before sending it back, I gave it a try. The large sheepsfoot blade is more convenient than the common US spearpoint style, the steel takes and holds an edge marvelously, the blades and marlinspike operate smoothly and hold securely in place. The description fails to mention the integrated screwdriver which is hard enough to not deform and ground sharply enough to not tear up screw heads; being part of the frame of the knife, it has excellent rigidity and leverage. Don't let the looks put you off, this knife will become a fast favorite and looks likely to last at least one lifetime.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    It is undoubtedly wonderful to hear that you didn't judge this book by its cover, so to speak!  We hope it will give you much enjoyment through the years. Thanks for your comments!"
  • British Navy Knife

    Mark, 1/15/2012 I purchased the British Navy knife. Very well constructed...will last anyone's lifetime. I collect knives; in my opinion it is one of my best purchases regarding cost v. quality. The quality of this knife is fantastic!
  • Great Knives

    Gary E. Hogan, 12/4/2011 This British knives have been a super great knives. I found that I have put it to the test, They are by far a great strong and built to last of long lasting knives. I am very proud of how it stands up to the test. I would highly recommend these knives to anyone that is looking for knives to last a long time.
  • British Navy Knife

    Jerry, 7/16/2011 This is a beautiful, practical and finely made tool. I had a similar knife when in the military and it lasted 25 years; I expect this one to be handed down through a few generations. Super smooth marlinspike for knotwork and splicing. The blade holds a great edge and is easy to open. I guess the can opener blade will come in handy for some things (haven't found a use yet). Overall a very impressively manufactured implement.
  • Should work well

    David Gross, 6/17/2011 Several years ago, I bought the Navy Knife for my daughter who has become a real salt on Tall Ships, as a crew member. She carried it for years and used it heavily for her rope work on real Manilla rope. A friend who was in the Navy called it a Boatswain's Knife, an essential tool on ship. The finish wear on hers shows its use and functionality. She says that the Sheffield steel is excellent, as good as it gets. It's not pretty" or elegant; it's just a good tool. So, when I saw the chance to get one, I did. She now has to teach me to "understand" rope and how to work with rope properly. The first one I received had a sloppy mechanism/assembly, but the replacement is fine, showing the first one to be an aberration. It is very solid and made to be used hard and for a long time."
  • longevity

    david in usa , 5/3/2011 I purchased one of the three blade knives while in the military, and traded for several more. I gave a total of thirteen of these knives to relatives and friends between 1975 and 2007 and, as of yet, none have failed to meet the tasks they are used for. I personally have carried mine in 11 countries, three military deployments and have found more uses for it than an altoids tin! The knife takes a good edge, and with proper use, it holds that for a good while. The two blade I carry daily is capable of giving a good wet shave, for up to four weeks with careful use.
  • Made to Last a Long Time

    Al Burnor, 2/25/2011 Good, solid. stainless steel construction. Some of the finish work(i.e. the rivets) have sharp edges and the point of the marlinspike does not fit flush when it is closed, causing it to snag on inside of pocket as do the rivets. Since I ordered a British Navy Knife, why is it stamped British Army Knife and what is the British Army supposed to do with a marlinspike? On the whole, this was a very good purchase.
  • Good Rigger's Knife

    Josiah Bacon, 2/25/2011 I've been looking for an inexpensive rigger's knife for a while. I have an Ibberson and really like it. But I wanted something less expensive for everyday use. This is it. Very handy for a variety of tasks. My only suggestion is it does not have a eye for pulling line through cordage. Despite that I still give it a fiver. Although I am leery of riveted fittings, it is very tight and seems well constructed. The price was right, I've seen them on line for much more. Ordering was quick and painless.
  • No nonsense knife

    Ian Cunningham, 1/29/2011 A solid, no nonsense knife. Simple and to the point.
  • Nice work knife

    Ed Frantzen, 1/12/2011 Great little pocket knife. Good for cutting rope to opening packages. Can opener an bottle opener wook fine. Marline spike nice extra for taking knots apart even your shoe lasses.
  • Army Navy Knife

    Jeff Melbourne, 12/19/2010 Beautiful Knife, everything I expected, I bought a 2 blade and 3 blade for my collection and to pass on to my kids later on. I am english so I have a special attachment to them.
  • High quality and unique

    Lloyd Smith, 12/17/2010 I bought the two-bladed version; the difference between it and the three-bladed version is that the latter has a marlin spike. This is a good looking, well constructed knife. The burnished stainless steel body goes well with the polished blades. The knife feels substantial and solid. The blades operate smoothly and open with a satisfying thunk" sound. It has the feel of a knife that will last a long, long time. I'm happy I bought it, and I'd do it again."
  • Mr.

    Bill, 12/7/2010 You get what you pay for. I'm happy. This was just for my odd collection and will be used by my children & grandchildren when I am GONE !!
  • Pocketknife

    Harold McKew, 12/4/2010 This knife has everything you could need, and it is very well made.

    Margie, 10/11/2010 I bought this knife for my husband as a surprise. He loves it. It has replaced the lock-back that he carried for many years. The blades/tools are super sharp and all blades open easily. He did have to smooth all the little brads; they had very sharp edges and could easily cut fingers. All in all, a great little knife.
  • British Army Knife

    David Reid, 10/2/2010 Very impressed with this knife. I do a lot of work around the water and the marlin spike was the main reason I got this knife. The only problem I have with the knife is the fact that the can opener/bottle opener blade will not open. Both thumb nails are broken and the darn thing will not open. I can get it open with a screw driver in the slot. Is there a way to loosen up this blade as it is pretty worthless due to the tight fit of the blade makes it impossible to open in a normal situation.
  • Fine blades

    Cordie Splicer, 9/15/2010 mediocre mechanism
  • Great knife

    Gentleman Mac, 7/2/2010 I bought the two bladed version and have loved it. I don't do a lot of sailor's work, so the marlin spike would be a waste for me. For those so inclined, the body of the knife can be used to open bottles, too. I have liked this so much, it is now the official estate" present to my male friends who are inclined to like this kind of thing. Buy these!!!!!"
  • Quality Product

    Bob Doyle, 4/25/2010 Being a fan of tools that are both practical and functional I thought this British made knife would be just what I needed in my daily tasks. In my opinion it is as good as any Swiss Army knife I've owned and currently use. It has been an excellent replacement for the Swiss knife and the marlinspike has been very useful.
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