British Navy Jack Knife

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British Navy Jack Knife
Standard issue since the heyday of the Empire
Made in Sheffield, England
58B01.03 British Navy Jack Knife

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This robust knife will be familiar to British military personnel - the style has been a standard issue item since the 19th century. The 2-1/4" sheepsfoot blade and marlinspike make this an ideal knife for rope work, splicing and knots. With the addition of a uniquely versatile bottle & can opener tool and a short screwdriver blade. Made of premium stainless steel, with indestructible black poly grips, stainless pins & washers and lanyard ring. The buff finish used on the steel gives this workman's knife an appealing "retro" look. The diamond-pattern grips are easy to hold when wet or muddy. Certified hand finished, and made in Sheffield, England.

This knife is also available with a Marlinspike Sailor Book and Know Your Knots Kit.
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Stainless Steel
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