British Navy Jack Knife

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British Navy Jack Knife
Standard issue since the heyday of the Empire
Made in Sheffield, England
58B01.03 British Navy Jack Knife

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This robust knife will be familiar to British military personnel - the style has been a standard issue item since the 19th century. The 2-1/4" sheepsfoot blade and marlinspike make this an ideal knife for rope work, splicing and knots. With the addition of a uniquely versatile bottle & can opener tool and a short screwdriver blade. Made of premium stainless steel, with indestructible black poly grips, stainless pins & washers and lanyard ring. The buff finish used on the steel gives this workman's knife an appealing "retro" look. The diamond-pattern grips are easy to hold when wet or muddy. Certified hand finished, and made in Sheffield, England.This knife is standard issue to British Navy personnel and is made to the rigid specifications of the Ministry of Defense. The tightness of the blade action is no accident, the Navy requires it this way.

This knife is also available with a Marlinspike Sailor Book and Know Your Knots Kit.

Blade Thickness:
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Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
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Overall Rating
  • A knife you will not regret buying

    William , 9/24/2020 Unique and functional knife. Highest quality
  • my second riffing knife.

    Steve samuels, 9/19/2020 Super quaility item. Very sharp. Im still tying to figure out what the the second blade does, Great marlin spike and yes difficult to open. Loved the scales, great grip
  • Great purchase

    Artemis, 5/31/2020 I have this secreted away for my dad for Father's Day, but I took it out to look at it and it was exactly what I'd wanted. Excellent quality, it will definitely last for years. The blades had none of the difficulty mentioned in other reviews, they are stiff enough to withstand a lot of use without getting too loose.
  • Marlin Spike Knife

    Steven T. Perkins, 5/23/2020 Great product! Just what I wanted. Will be very handy for camping and everyday use.
  • Dad Approved (but incredibly difficult to open)

    Lauren Coca, 4/2/2020 My dad is active in the Navy. I got this knife for him for his birthday, and it’s his new favorite knife. He really likes Beerscouts because of their Sheepsfoot and bottle- opener combo. He really likes the way the Sheepsfoot blade looks, and thought the marlinspike was a really cool throwback to his marlinspiking demos they went through. The rope was a nice touch too. The biggest issue with this product, is how incredibly difficult it is to open each of the features. The marlinspike took a great deal of persistence in strength to open. Besides that, it made my dad’s day.
  • Could be a nice knife but blade is too tight

    Jason Dumont, 6/13/2019 Could be a real nice knife but as a another reviewer stated the blades are SO tight to open- to the point that it is basically unusable. If you have hours and weeks to burn you could hopefully loosen it a bit. It's razor sharp btw so opening and closing is a dangerous proposal. Btw, I am a 45 year old, 200lb ships carpenter, I work with my hands daily.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the British Navy Jack Knife. This knife is standard issue to British Navy personnel and is made to the rigid specifications of the Ministry of Defense. The tightness of the blade action is no accident. The Navy requires it this way.

  • Great knife with a minor issue.

    SCOTT, 2/9/2019 Very nice knife, expertly made. The only issue I have is that it takes super human strength to open the blades. They are extremely tight. It will take quite a bit of oiling and working the blades to get them to loosen up. Other than that it's a good knife that's obviously built to last.
  • Ex Sawby

    Ronny Soukup, 12/19/2018 A vary qaulity made knife and its vary functional and it looks great
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