"Brown Betty" Teapot

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"Brown Betty" Teapot
a contemporary re-boot of a british icon
58A08.01 Brown Betty Teapot

Available 11/03/2020


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This classic ceramic teapot is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England by the oldest remaining Brown Betty Teapot maker in the world. "Brown Betty" refers to the type, rather the brand. At one time, dozens of ceramics factories around Stoke were making these. Named for its Redware clay and dark brown "Rockingham Glaze," the Brown Betty is a familiar object in British households. The globe serves a functional purpose: it is considered the best shape to infuse loose-leaf tea (it allows the leaves to swirl as the water is poured). Other features include a no-drip spout, locking lid (that stays on when pouring) and a large handle (so your knuckles won't touch the hot globe). Even the dark brown color serves a practical purpose: it hides the unavoidable tea stains. We are proud to offer this functionally beautiful piece of British history.

Capacity, 4 cups.

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  • Drink more and better tea.

    Barry, 12/5/2019 It's beautiful, no flaws. Sits on the counter calling on me to drink more tea.
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