Bushcraft Set

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Bushcraft Set
personal machete + heavy duty chisel knife
75A01.97 Bushcraft Set

Available 03/15/2021


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It’s nice to have this Bushcraft Set on hand, at a Jobsite, campsite, or the wilds of your suburban backyard.
The Personal Machete will make quick work of even the thickest brush, with its hardwood handle, bulb-shaped grip and 3/16" thick stainless-steel blade. The blade is now slightly larger, producing excellent balance and control.

The Heavy-Duty Chisel Knife is the ultimate hybrid, incorporating features of a knife, chisel, hatchet, cleaver, pry-bar, and rescue tool. The high carbon steel blade is 6" long, 1½" wide and 3/16" thick. Total length is 11¼". It has an extended butt for striking, a wide exposed spine, a G10 handle and a nylon sheath. This Really Tough Pair will take a beating.

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Personal Machete
Heavy-Duty Chisel Knife

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