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76A02.04 Metal Cabrio Car

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76A02.05 Mysterious Timer

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The Cabrio Car and Mysterious Timer are DIY mechanical metal models that come with wind-up keys. The Cabrio (a bygone word for 'convertible') drives both forward and backward, and you can lift the hood to see the 'engine.' The Mysterious Timer is a chronograph, where the open-construction clock gears tick in soothing rhythm for about an hour, on one windup cycle. The parts are a highly-polished stainless steel. The kits come with the mini tools you'll need to build the models, including small needle-nose pliers (for bending the pieces into place), and a file (to smooth out sharp edges). Comes with detailed instructions, all packaged in a cleverly designed box with accordion folders to hold the parts. When it comes to models we've constructed, mark this one as "challenging but rewarding." Definitely for advanced, patient modelers. Finished sizes: Cabrio Car: 8½" x 2¾" x 2". Mysterious Timer: 5¾" x 4" x 3 1/8"

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